5A Question...

I’m looking for any new 5A trick videos (of the innovative sort) that have come out within the last 3 years or so. If anyone could help me out with some links, I would really appreciate it!



Unfortunately there really aren’t many 5a videos past the tutorials on YYE,Tyler Severence’s turorials and various freestyles. If you know all of the basics, I’m afraid to say that you’re probably stuck with learning off of freestyles or creating your own tricks.

That is very unfortunate. I wonder what happened to everyone that was so passionate about pushing the 5A envelope? It would be so cool to see people focusing on creating tricks that didn’t win them contests lol (like that is going to happen)


I think it needs to pick up again. Mike Montgomery started doing 5A tutorials, maybe start doing some tutorials yourself. I think Jake Gross has some nice ones too.