Yoyo champ Jake Elliott: On Campus.

Check it.

Do you and Connor go to the same school? That’s a lot of yoyo talent. I really like the video–nice work to all involved.

Sweet! Great video.

Awesome video man! I like this video caustic can keep my attention because many times I watch a YouTube video I don’t have the attention Span to watch it all :-\ however this is by far a great video you guys put together one of the best! IMO

Great video dude! The editing’s nice, and the tricks are sick!

That offstring at :50 was awesome, I would be scared as hell to do offstring there :smiley:

That was great. Every time I see you play, your tricks seem much more polished.

Nice work Jake!

Immediately after watching this video I put a CW on my Summit.

Connor used to attend MSU. I never did.

We were pretty terrified too.

And I’m glad you all like it :slight_smile:

Lansing is so pretty in the fall. Loved the video man

WOW. That was amazing! You’re getting SOOO good. Like, you’ve gotten even amazinger since Worlds and Nationals, and you were AMAZING then. I can’t wait to see what you do at next year’s contests!

It was great to see Connor in there too!

Favorite video of the year…are you sponsored yet?

You bet, King Yo Star Canada scooped him as quick as we could!


Great video man. I loved that high quality video and the high quality tricks. Also, did that guy really want to go in between you guys or was it a joke? :smiley:

Nope, that guy was just really determined to walk between us. We all got a good laugh out of it, except for the guy, who just kept on walking.

That was amazing! Watched it last night and again today. It made me really want to learn 5a which is a first.

Just gonna bump this up…

Loved all the different shots, made it a lot more enjoyable to watch. Probably my favorite 5A video to date. Such a fun vibe.

Wow, glad this got bumped, I didn’t catch this video before. That’s some excellent 5A!