Conner spring 2010: A Yo-Yo vid


This is my one and a half year Yo-Yo vid. Some people actually think I sped up the footage  ;D
I put this in “Yo-Yo tricks” because I was wondering what you think of the tricks themselves. Can you easily tell what the tricks are?

The Yo-Yo is a Lime green YoYoJam Dark Magic with a new YYJ bearing, one red Shim, and a 100% polyester white string.

(R@itei999) #2

great video :wink: unique style


VERY good


Really? maybe in a year or so I will be able to do that at a contest without messing up at all :stuck_out_tongue: it usually takes me 2-3 tries to nail some of those tricks (mainly the ones I created recently).


yeah NICE vid, im a little over a year and i can do about all of it, but im slower i like to relaxe so i land it. But very good vid, very impressive (ur facial expressions made me laugh) < just saying, nothing wrong with it


Thanks! sorry about the expressions ::slight_smile: By the time I was filming the last few tricks My hands were kinda sticky because it was humid so I had to try really hard :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kyle V.) #7

I loved the brief picture trick at 0:53ish; too bad you did it so fast that I can’t figure out how you got into it. hahaha The whole video had a cool flare about it too. Nice work!


Oh, you mean the leaning eiffel tower thingy? Well here’s a hint: The mount for that trick is a Double or nothing :wink:


Bump ;D


Great vid but this needs to be in the video section.


Please delete this thread.


OMG man i really love ur style
thats what i am talking about :wink:
sweet keep it up man i really loved it sooooo much i well watch this 1,000,000 times


Thank you :o


one question, whats wrong with this thread??


Nice Video. Cool tricks. :wink:


Thanks. That means a lot :smiley:


bump :stuck_out_tongue:

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #18

Oh snap man, at 1:40 I just about exploded lol. Reminded me of Hiroyukki Suzuki at 2008 Worlds when he is sort of in wrist mount doing split bottom tricks like boingy boing.


Really? wow.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #20

For realz man you in SOCAL? We should meet up at a comp, I like your style