Conner spring 2010: A Yo-Yo vid

Well this is my one and a half year Yo-Yo vid hope you enjoy  :wink:

The Yo-Yo is a Lime Green YoYoJam Dark Magic with a brand new YYJ bearing and one Red Shim. The string is a 100% Polyester white string.

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Awesome. :slight_smile:

Thanks ;D

Really dig it dude

this is really good. So fast and smooth. I wish i was that smooth.

Nice filming and tricks man!

Though as a tip, don’t try to speed up the yoyoing too much. Try to do it slyly, so it doesn’t look too suspicious. It was pretty obvious at some points.

What was obvious ???

Edit: Wait, do you think I actually speeded up the video? Um, wow. What looks speeded up?

Nope… I know you sped it up. :wink:

At 1:03 there are some parts that are sped up that can’t naturally be that fast. There are several parts after that trick that show you sped it up, such as where you turn the yoyo around in the Wrist-Mount-ish thing.

At 1:21-ish, when you switch into a different angle, your face gives away the fact that the speed was tampered with.

At 1:39, when you do the laceration, it’s also obvious. You can’t possibly do a laceration that fast in a combo such as that. I copied the part of the combo before that video with my fastest yoyo, and I couldn’t get close to doing that laceration that fast. And I’m pretty decent at laceration.

There are a lot more proofs, but I don’t really want to list them all out in this video.

Wow I didn’t speed anything up :-\ I don’t even think it looks that fast.

BTW are you sure it doesn’t look fast because the video jumps?

That’s probably why then. It’s definitely not at normal speed. But I can tell you are fast at normal speed nevertheless.

Great video. The tricks were sick and the filming was cool.

Thanks :smiley: The footage does look kinda fast when it jumps :stuck_out_tongue: making me look to good

BTW I subscribed to you on youtube :wink:

phew I was worried that some people might think I can’t actually throw a long sleeper because of the cuts in a couple of the tricks. The cuts were just to make the video look cooler.

Anybody ever made a video like that, and then come up with some cool new tricks shortly afterward ::slight_smile:

Bump ;D

VERY Impressive.

crazy in all aspects

Great video. BTW my computer deosn’t jump cause my dad cleans it every month and at 1:21ish you can tell that is sped up. But still a great video.

I didn’t speed it up >:(
You can believe what you want but I can honestly say nothing on that whole vid is sped up. Me and my Dad put the raw footage together, added the sound track, and then cut off excess video.