You suck!!!

Just kidding :slight_smile: I love you guys  :-*

New video!

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Ok, awesome Video!!! You are getting amazing and are very inspirational, Keep up the good work!

I’m happy to be your friend/stalker!!!

Nice vid man! I can tell you are working hard on your tricks!

Editing was good and fun.

It still seems like a few of your tricks could be done just a tad smoother but for the most part, everything flowed pretty nicely.

Good job!

And you do 5A! Since when? :slight_smile:

Aw I wish I could get a YYE shirt, but they don’t have my size. Haha.

Awesome vid man.


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If you’re teling me that I suck, I’m gonna take you down for the challenge, because I don’t like how you’re doing this…

Happy Throwing! =]

Did you even read the post?

Love the vid hate the song sorry I’m not fealing the Arosmith :’(. Good with the sound turned off :smiley:
With every video you grow by leaps and bounds Good work , Good Work.

I watched it today at my friends house and at the very end I notriced that there was something that you should warn about.
A.K.A. the floating whip part with the word.

what are you talking about?

The slight profanity at the end of the video.

Okay, I’ll take that into consideration :wink:

Nice. And I get the floating whip all the time.

you rock love your tricks and when did you start on 5a?

I didnt think that was a “bad word”

I’m pretty sure he’s been doing it for awhile. There was some in his “Quality” video.

No that was Justin, he was using his ProJam, never done 5A in a video by himself.


Happy Throwing! =]

No it wasnt. He doesnt have a Projam, and he doesnt do 5a. It was me, with my Legacy.

Oh, I thought Justin was with a Legacy in quality, weren’t you using a ProJam in spaceships?

no, he has a stacked PGM that he uses though.

No, he wasnt. I dont even have a ProJam