My new video!

you have definatley improved from your last video but i do have one piece of advice, get your tricks down and nice and smooth before you put them on camera because some of your tricks are rough and it takes you a couple of tries to get what you are trying to do but overall great job bro

Hey samad, great vid. The tricks look great, good job The M1 is a great yoyo, I love mine.
tickel it

Very nice, Samad!

that is awesome! I like the way the m1 looks. does it play as good as an 888. Just wondering.

In my opinion, I say better.

You have an m1? Awesome!

M1’s are so worth it. I can see them being priced at $100. They are strong too. I was yoyoing outside, I missed a bind, and it banged on the floor. Two small dings. Then, when I got a knot, I took it out, then screwed it back, i didnt tighten it enough. It came apart on me obviously, and it flew on the tile. I only got two minor dings. Great yoyo!

Nice, you finally got it.

Dude you are way better than me. How many years have you been throwing?

I have 4 years experience

U Rock!!!

Great vid Samad. can’t wait to read your M1 review tho.

Its not gonna be text :slight_smile: Its gonna be a video :slight_smile:

Nice video Samad, your brown m1 looks nice. :wink:

Happy throwing! =]

I probably saw it somewhere but did you put in flightless airplane?

Do you mean Starscream’s vehical form. (F-22 fighter jet)

Happy Throwing! =]

No… a trick that Samad made up… I think it is his new signature trick.

This is him… in this tutorial video of flightless airplane using his G5

That kid is stupid!

Wait a minute…

Lol. Yes - You are improving on your Yo-Yo skills. Me? Not so much. I put up a new video but it’s like only a little bit. You saw it already tho. :wink:


You have improved a lot. From your first video, to your most recent, its amazing. You learn tricks at a fast pace, and you blend it to your personal style. Also, yoyoing isnt abut how much you improve, but having fun.

Take me, for instance. I quit 1a - just for now. I want to work on my 4a skills.

Also, ur 888 is ugly :stuck_out_tongue: (Personal Joke)

Lol, my 888 is amazing. Just bad on the camera, Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Samad if you go to any other compitions tell me. If they have one in Indiana again, I’ll go to that one.