Samad's tourny is a meany!!!

It put too much pressure and look what i got

lol, it’s just a ding but still… ;D ;D ;D I’M READY

This tournament is a meanie. :stuck_out_tongue:

But…Are you really sure you’re ready?

that DID NOT sound good! lol! what did you hit?


MAYBEEE… I hope.

Metal Staircase Rail… thing.

Its not my fault you can’t control your yoyo ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, nice one. I think Samad’s tournement is awsome (even tho i lost first round!) Lol yes, i know i am bad. I still think it’s good.


The tournament piled on with my homework was pretty mean to me last round. Of all the weeks, it was on the week that I had the most work.

I can’t say that I don’t like it, though. It’s pretty fun.

Yea, stayed up all night finishing it badly… I was too tired so kept messing up. All week had homework.

Holy… Geez… or something…

It sounded like Tiger Woods hitting a drive.

I would have cringed, then cried.

That sounded like a aluminm base ball bat hitting a rock ouch!!! Good work though.

Actually more like a Baseball bat hitting a cement floor.

I take a Ding as a Love mark. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here for my video. I was up forever trying to nail my tricks but the last one i just coulden’t take it so if i meesed up a little i don’t care.

You’ll do good Evan. Keep it up.


I am scared to death by dings. After less than a week I’ve managed to scratch my M1:

I know it’s a small scratch, but it’s a scratch. :-[

lol, you should see my M1. And if you saw my 888, you would die!

You know what? Pics coming soon ;D ;D

my G5 doesnt have any blue on the rim ;D

Thats nothing compared to what happened to my hitman. I was showing off to my friends on the side walk and my string broke :frowning: :frowning: :(. My yoyo ,while sleeping, hit the road and rolled quite far. When I saw it it had about 8 dings on it. ;D ;D ;D

I was looping with sunset the other day and broke the cotton (I never use now) and kept rolling… and rolling… to the other side of the highway…

Did you find that sunset Evan? If not, I’m sure something good came out of it. Maybe a dog ate it or something like that.

I found it- It’s bright Pink so pretty hard to miss

I was playing with my 888 last weekend. String broke. Funny stuff :smiley: