Rate Your YoYo Day! :)

This is a weird idea I had. I always used to try to see how good my day went yoyo-wise, among other things. So now I want to know all of yours!

Basically, everyday rate your day on a scale of 1-10 based on how good it is!

A 1 is a horrible day.
A 5 is an average day.
A 10 is an amazing day!

But just rating it is not enough! You must must must provide reasons :slight_smile:
Make sure you follow this format :stuck_out_tongue:

Rating: -/10 Reason:----------

For example, I will give you a rating of last Saturday (The DXL Contest)

10/10: First off, I met up with Kim-Lan. It was really cool hanging out with her. I also met a bunch of old friends, such as Logan, Gary, Adam, etc. Then, I hung out with one of my new contest friends Jason Speare. We had a blast. He sold me a Skyline for $30, and a Silk for $5. We went around polling people for the Yuuki vs. Ando endeavor. The contest was intense to watch too. Such amazing competitors! I tried out many new yoyos, and fell in love with my Skyline that night. I also hung out with Paolo a lot. A great day.

Obviously it doesn’t have to be that long. A sentence will work, or even a couple words. So long as you have a reason :slight_smile:

Get rating! ;D

6/10: Smoothed out 2 new tricks. I have four for my next video. I also sold some yoyos, and now have enough money for a Dv888! I’m gonna send the money today, hopefully.

It was pretty fun today, so far. I hung out with a few of my friends, I tried to teach them some yoyo stuff. One took my Hayabusa and ran away, that was a long chase, I got really tired, but it was really fun. Right now I’m aking a video, a tut on Cwynar Slack, so that’ll be fun.

It was alright, but i had school. I could have been yoyoing that whole time.
I got a new yoyo though. My TrainWreck. +2!
Then my sister ruined my day and its barely 3:41. -5!
Total: 5/10

How did she ruin your day? ???


Played with my P2. 'Nuff said.

i yoyoed and learned jedi boingy.

its jet-eye :wink:

No its not.


9/10 at first.

First I cleaned some bearings in the morning and made my Legacy unresponsive again! (The bearing had locked up) Later I was yo-yoing with my friend and we were playing with my Aquarius and making it roll down a wire hanging up. That was pretty fun. I also found out that I might get a PGM tomorrow, and I’m excited about that too. I also learned some new tricks. So 9/10.


I was playing with my Aquarius later and found that the bearing had completely locked up. It might have had something to do with it falling in the pool so much. I can’t get my Aquarius to spin for very long now, I’ll have to clean the bearing, but I can’t do that until Monday I don’t think. -3


I think some of you guys rate kind of high.


6/10: Worked on making up a new trick.

That must suck, don’t play offstring near a pool. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve had something similar to this happen, but with a Hayabusa, cleaning the bearing helped a lot. :slight_smile:

I agree.

My score has been updated. I sent the money for my Dv888 :smiley: It is now a 7/10!


 I bought a new yoyo case that can hold 28 yoyos (I'll have fun trying to get more yoyos to fill all those holes, lol), will probably take a week to a couple weeks to be shipped though. Other than that, I worked on making up a new trick (coming good so far!). And got a lot smoother on a couple other tricks! Other than that just cleaned out a bearing.


10/10:COmpleted my freestyle for the competition and yeah!!!


1/10- Trying to make some tricks and in the middle of it all the bearings in all my yoyos decide to not spin fully, so this was a horrible yoyo day.

I had a really bad day today. First, I lost my watch, so all day I’m wondering what time it is. Them, my little bro’s soccer game comes. That didn’t go well one bit, I tried an old friend try my Hectic, first ding. :frowning: I’m bummed. At halftime, I was fixing string tention, and the yoyo became Offstring (Again, first ding in my Skyline.)
Now, I’m ticked off! >:( I’m trying to get my feelings out of the way, but I had to go to the beach. I’m really not a big fan of the beach, but it was the best part of the day in my opinion. But there, I fell in a rock, ouch! That hur, then I went home all bummed out, I feel much better, just being on here makes me feel good.

:frowning: :frowning: >:( :frowning: >:( :frowning: >:( :frowning: >:( :frowning:

5/10: Nothing special.



Yay!!! I got my green DV888 today. I also made up 2 more tricks.


Finished up my newest video (http://www.vimeo.com/5352171)
It could have come out better, but i am happy with it. I went to my cousins graduation party with my family and yo-yoed a bit. Did not get much time to yo-yo overall today but it was good. So overall 6/10 nothing too out of the ordinary.