How was everyone's day today?

How was your yoyo day guys? Did you get a new throw? Land a hard trick? Have you given away a yoyo today? Teach anyone about modern day throwing?

For me, I learned just how much I love my throws. I think I entered the flow zone that Haru Ray always talks about, believe me it’s pretty great. I would say my day was a 8/10 overall!

For me i had a blast yesterday. there was Chicago yoyo club, and went there. did a lot of trading. and competed for the first time just didn’t do all that great my hands were sweatyand i wasn’t able to recover from a knot in my yoyo

Bad, good…

Bad because I was outside most of the day and I have Pollen Allergies, and it’s that time of the year.

Good because I figured out how Brent Stole works so I can learn Lord of the Flies.

Same here with the allergies, but mine haven’t started horribly getting bad yet

My day was really good at least yesterday’s was I accidentally land Brent stole while I was holding as soda bottle with my neck cause I wanted to Yoyo. And I was looking to land a laceration and I accidentally landed Brent stole talk about a happy accident for me! So now I can land Brent stole cause I figured it out.

Not so good. Put the first ding on my Cascade, but oh well. Good because I’m making progress on my talent show piece.

I had a pretty good time. Had a very cool conversation through email with a great guy, and an amazing collector. I also got to work on my dads '92 Camaro (Blue, 25th anniversary, perfect paint. Just shines so bright in the sun…) we changed the thermostat, which is always a pain, plus we siliconed the new gasket on and forgot to put in the thermostat because we were in such a rush! Then we changed the spark plugs, which isn’t bad, and that went smooth. It was still a good day though, I enjoy working on cars, I think its funny we forgot to put in the thermostat, gives me something for us to joke about.

Not too great for yoyoing though, I didn't bring all my yoyos to my dads house. I did make up 3 or 4 considerably long combos though. Very excited to get home to all my yoyos, and a 50 pound bag of beads for blasting!

Even worse than yesterday…I crashed on my skateboard, skinned my wrist, elbow, and back, and then dropped my cascade that I was holding. :-[ The worst thing though, was that I had been practicing all day just fine, then on the way to the car to go home, I crashed.

I gave away 2 yoyos today! One to my cousin 6 a Duncan metal drifter(tea-gen) and one to my cousin teagan 7 Speed dial(Tay-gen) (not sisters) both were calling me a weirdo last night for yoyoing and then they tried one and then they started fighting over them.

Great day. It was slow at work, so not only did I get to play a lot, but I read 1/2 a good book.

Bad day, very boring and I’m sick so that doesn’t help, lmost missed my bus, didn’t want to do anything and slacked off in woodworking, study hall had a mandatory prom meeting, also gym was cool cause we ran outside but my class is disrespectful and it’s bad(I am a senior leader), contemporary lit class my teacher got on a 30 minute tangent about nothing like always, tech crew(techincal theater) boring all we did was paint so it gets annoying. Now I’m home typing this woo

All I’m gonna say is I don’t want to talk about it and leave it at that.

What a bunch of buzz-killers

Some good some bad it happens to everyone, and I forgot to mention I don’t have school the next two days so that’s nice

Do you wanna talk about it Studio? I mean this whole forum is here for you.

Not a bad day all considered. Had permission from my workplace to edit a video at home (used my own software; we don’t have anything like that at work) for the morning. Kind of a bit of a lame duck of an afternoon; worked pretty hard on some code before realizing too late that it wasn’t going to work the way I imagined.

But, went out on the back deck with my oldest and enjoyed some sunshine before the end of the day. He practiced balancing and jumping and I played yoyo. Got my Spirit Bomb pretty darned consistent now; time to obsess over another trick. :wink:

Later, my baby boy was making the craziest and funniest sounds as he crawled around… he’s been getting close to crawling, but was more “rolling” than anything. But today, full-on crawling. A milestone!

All in all, it was a good day to be alive.

Haha, I know how that goes. Minus the yoyo part, that’s just adds more insult to the insult already added to the injury. Whoa

Here’s how my crappy day ended yesterday:

I took my son’s sleeping bag over to his grandmother’s house(they are like 6 houses down, so a short walk). I received a blast in my face of incense when the door opened.

That means for me, an intense headache lasting 2-3d days.

My mother in law complains how I never come over, but it’s because the house reeks of incense and I cannot be around that. I am pretty sure I have fragrance sensitivity because I get the same problem when I am around perfume and it’s massively worse going through the fragrance sections of stores and I can’t be in or around places like Bath and Bodyworks.

So, to start today, my mother in law is over to watch the smallest kids in the morning, and I come back into my own house, where my mother in law has lit up incense everywhere.

I’m in a lot of pain right now. I also feel like an unwelcome prisoner in my own house.

Religion or not, I cannot function today because of this. They know this(My wife, my kids, my mother in law) but they just don’t give a crap about the negative impact is has on me.

So once again, my day is ruined before it begins. I’m angry. Why? I am in too much agony to throw, and I have a Jet Set, Jet Set EC, Ashira Kamui and Ashira Kamui Light coming in today. I was looking forward to working on 4A stuff and some 1A stuff as well.

OK, I’ll make this persona for YYE: It’s why I haven’t ordered a Fremont and Irving Pro and maybe some more Classics too!

I also can’t work on re-doing my main web site either because of this, and I need it done ASAP.

The lack of consideration shown around here is just astounding. I’ve holed myself up in my computer room with the windows open and fans blowing to keep incense smell away from me. If it wasn’t for this headache(that my regular solutions aren’t working for, at least not yet), I’d be otherwise in pretty good shape. But until this headache subsides, I just can’t function. I’m trying, but it’s just not happening.

Sorry about the complaining. All it can take is one act if inconsiderate behavior to wreck up someone pretty darn good at times.

Again, I really wanted to have a great day, but that’s really not to be for me apparently.


Sadly enough, that’s how my day feels like too. :frowning: