Good day

So today my dad surprised me that he bought me a few pricey yoyos I have no idea what they are but I’m exited to receive them. Then at school I got asked to go to the movies by the girl I like ( that was awesome). After school this kid he had to be in like 4th grade his name was Ross and he came to me and talked to me he asked if I could teach him some tricks so I thought him brain twister and man on the flying trapeze , he learned them really quickly which I was surprised ( I think he was using a yomega ooch ). He then asked if I could sign his throw I didn’t have a sharpie so I said no but I did sign his binder and his note book. The kid was soo happy he was jumping , his mom called him and he was really disappointed his faces was so sad :pensive:he went to his car. I felt kinda bad so I ran up to the car and gave home the modded classic I had in my back pack and some poly string I made his face brightened like a light bulb :grin:his mom had a look of awe on her face :flushed:and thanked me I looked at the kid again and said " don’t stop throwing " in a deep and he laughed . It was about 4:30 when I went to the movies with my crush we watched the film and then after the movie she hugged me and thanked me for coming and told me she had something to show me , out of her purse she pulled out a protostar and said that she wanted me to teach her how to yoyo. I’m pretty sure my face was pink as a rose :blush:but I am sooo exited . So that’s the tale of my really good day and now I have to go because my crush , Sydney is calling me. So I guess this post is so you can tell others of your amazing yoyo involved day but do what you want :smiley:.

Dude, you gotta be the one who makes the first move.
I wish my day was as good as your’s I gotta study for ALL THE TESTS


I miss high school.

Ah, I remember studying.

The AP exams, man. They just came outta the trees.

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The AP exams, man. They just came outta the trees.
I’m a freshman in high school and In already taking AP human geo

Thats a good day.

Ew. The social studies exams are the hardest because none of it is fact-based

Dang, thats awesome… if I was you, that wouldve easily been the best day of my life xD yup… im young and my life isnt exciting… lol but thats an epic day you had there…

Heck ya bro. Get it!

wow how to get a girl to be interested in you and yoyoing is something beyond me. you must be one charming guy :wink:

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I’m a freshman in high school and In already taking AP human geo
I’m about to start my first year of Medical School at the University of Kentucky (Go Cats! #9 coming next year) and I miss high school too. The AP exams are harder in high school than the tests you have in your first 3 years of college, except the math and later chemistry/biology tests. If you’re taking AP classes then keep it up. They really help you later on if you go to college. Especially if you go as soon as high school is over. I took a 2 year hiatus and it made it a little more challenging in the beginning.

My day was pretty alright, too.

No, I didn’t go to the movies with the girl I like, but one of my mom’s friends came over and said she wanted to hire me to teach her boys how to yoyo for one day every week for $25 a kid, so im pretty excited. (This will be my first time officially teaching people to yoyo)

Also the weather was beautiful.

So jealous, in my AP US History class we had to write a DBQ and a FRE in 80 minutes, I had a dumb math CST that I guessed on, and my science class involves me doing all the work because everyone in my class is really “out of it”. Not only that, tomorrow in AP Lang I have to write an RA essay, an Argument, and a synthesis essay in 90 minutes. And it doesn’t get better, I have my SAT this Saturday, and my CPR certification test tomorrow as well. Being a junior I’m high school sucks.

Anyhow, I taught a friend how to bind today, and that was nice.

Wow. You had a great day! I wish mine was this good. :smiley:

I love how you didn’t even ask the girl she just pulled out a yoyo and said teach me. God your life mist be good right now :wink: I had a good day to though. It started off crummy with 45 degree weather and an F on an Algebra test. but then I had early release from school no homework. Then I went out to eat and explained the yoyo business to my dad and he told me you would loan me the money to get prototypes made :slight_smile: so good day good day :slight_smile: (besides weather and Algebra)

“Good day”? “Great day” is more like it! Fantastic. Made me smile over here. :smiley:

Study? AP tests? Nahhh i dont need to study…

Oh god im going to die at cornell…

I wish any of my days were ever this good. I already have a girlfriend, no one likes yoyoing, and I usually just go to school, workout, and do homework (and yoyo everywhere in there). I am envious of you sir.

Same here. :smiley: