How was everyone's day today?

Awesome … fairly low key work day… I got here early so I get to leave a bit earlier than usual.

About to take a break and see if I can break my personal best record of 4 consecutive eli hops :slight_smile:

good luck with beating your record. So far my day hasen’t been to bad very lazy with the day off and theatre then hanging out with friends tonight after the crew view of the first act of our spring musical

Studying for hours on end, multiple days, staying up late studying 8 hours non stop the day before one of the most crucial test of the semester…just to arrive the day of the test, sitting down, and realizing that the test is not seeming to align with what you studied, and not knowing many things, leaving over 1/2 the test blank after many attempts on spare paper, ensuring an F.

This is not a good feeling.

I managed to pull off 3 a couple times but not 4 ???

Today was cool, I learned that I placed 2nd in my talent show and won $30! It’s the only money I’ve made from yoyoing haha. Besides that, the day’s been boring.

My day was ok. Not very productive Yoyo wise, though. Ah well. Maybe tomorrow. :wink:

Hard to believe that you went All the Way to Vietnam to Slug your wife’s Uncle, when you could have just stayed home and Slugged your Mother in law. If I came home and my Mother in law had the place fogged up with incense, she would be sitting on some incense with Smoke coming out her Ears.

Chris, I think you should get your most Powerful sound system and Blow your relatives into a Parallel Dimension. Guess somebody should have warned you that when you marry a woman, you marry her family too?

Look on the bright side> even in a non functional state, you were still functional enough to share another miserable, pitiful, tear jerking, traumatic, borderline semi-epic, gut wrenching, horror story that moves you closer to 7500 posts in less than 2 years.

Cheer up…

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I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time

My day was nice!!! I swung by my grandmas and got my package SkyHighYo :slight_smile: i looove it!!! Now im layin in some girls bed. Ooww

Atta boy yoRED! Glad you’re doing well off for now bud!

yea man ill be alright. I got a strong soul. Never giving up, and yo… I am on my gammmeee with women hahahahahaa ooowww!!

i hate to be a stickler, but this is a G rated forum not exactly kid friendly. :-\

Glad you got my package! And you remind me of myself hahaha

hahaha i love it! Im gunna put LED lights in it soon! And if i remind you of yourself, than your crazy!!! Hahahahaa

Im a kid, and i sure dont care lol ;D

My days alright so far.

Amazing day today! smooth during school, and then tech crew for musical which is always fun. We got oall out rental lighting fixtures which are always fun to have six moving lights :D. Found out that we were one number off before we could program them correctly. But once they were working joy town!

Almost every day I yoyo is a good day for me. I got outside and enjoyed the weather while throwing, and I got a ton of compliments on my talent show freestyle yesterday! Also, my poi is coming along pretty well (if anyone’s into that).