WOW what a day.....

so today may have been one of the coolest days of my life here are the events that happened

I got to get out of school early to drive an hour and a half to see the Duncan demos which was awesome

I got to meet Seth Peterson and Nate Sutter ;D ;D

i got to try my first freehand zero +
freehand one

i got to learn stuff stuff to like
tilt control for 2a
a siliconed flying panda works wonders for 5a
the superstar is amazing
mongu hoodies are expensive(lol im just cheap)

now realize that i have only met two other people in real life that take yoyoing as seriously as i do

i got some laughs too
nate had this panda that had an insanely large string that i didnt know about so i threw it and almost took a kid out… standing 15 feet away
i thought that i stripped seths severe only to find out that these have different axles that are pointed at the top …i got scared
i confused a kid who thought i was in the duncan crew because i was wearing a bright red shirt
oh it was a blast …i wish i could go to nationals…sigh…anyone want to pick me up on the way there?



lol i know
i told you about it about a month agol lol

I am going to the Reno one today, but I dont get out of school early, I really want to try the new Screaming Eagles, and the momentum, but I’m not sure if they the have 'em. Either way, cant wait to go!!

Cool! You are so lucky!

sigh, i wont be able to make it to the one near me unless i can convince my mom or dad to drive 3 hours round trip to come get me at school :’(

I’m might go to a demo during thanksgiving.