I think this is my luckiest yoyo day ever...... Whats your luckiest yoyo day?

Ok…I have had a great day for yoyoing. My day aside from yoyoing WAS HORRIBLE. But this isnt a “Its all about me and my life” site and forum sooo heres my yoyo day.

I have perfected Brent Stole. Im selling a game chair I dont want for 45 bucks in order to get enough money to buy my friend’s MINT Bad Rep Lite AND Aquarius for 60 bucks. And I got my New Breed today along with a signed photo of Eric Koloski.

So heres my day(in yoyoing)

Perfected Brent Stole
Crappy Game chair --> 45 bucks --> MINT Bad Rep Lite+Aquarius
Signed Picture Of My YoYo Hero
New Breed (Which is AMAZING, i like it more than my Project and DV888)

So im having (had) a pretty great yoyo day.

Now tell me and all the other members about your lucky/“historic” days in YoYoing.

Hmm…today was pretty good for me also! But my best yoyo day was probly about a week ago

I perfected the eiffel tower to ping pong yoyo trick
I learned/perfected cheese nips :stuck_out_tongue:
I just had a good day in general!

today i learned plan d and im working on perfecting it now!

My best day in yoyoing was when i perfected my over-whip wrist mount. It’s sooooo uber.

Each and every single day.

Any day I get to throw my yoyo is a lucky day to me.

Well one day when I was learning how to do a Sleeper I was a beginner back then so I got the sleeper I went on till 10 oclock at night and got to the intermediate section now im on Douple Or Nothing and why I took so long because I was perfecting all the tricks and some I hardly even got they were so hard for me back then. That`s my great yoyo day.

hi all first post woohoo. :D.

for me its was sunday just gone.it was the uk nats yoyo comp and i was a wicked day out loads of amazing freestyles and i got to meet the guys who make ilyy yoyos and kristian who is an amazing yoer.

also i got to lay my eyes on the ilyy p22 which i have to say looked sooo smooth also there where roughly 90 people there and pretty much all of them yoyoing it really was a very special day. ;D