Get well soon Samad!

I just “read” the news about Samads injury :-[ (sorry I’ve been out of it the paSt couple days :P) this post is for anyone who wants to wish Samad get well soon. If you have ever been helped out by him you know how great he is.Let’s see how many we get!

what happened to him???

ummmm wrist thingy sprain fracture I don’t remember but I was as shocked as you are !

Heh, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Its getting a lot better. I can yoyo pretty well now :slight_smile:

well you know… It’s not like the fabric of the universe would tear apart if you couldn’t yoyo anymore… Or would it!!! Anyway my friend just broke his wrist abot 3 days ago it’s ironic…

What happened Samad? Plus I think I just broke my thumb today yoyoing.

I’m PRETTY sure you would know if your thumb was broken or not… The worst thing I’ve ever done is hit a girl in the face off a breakaway in class.

I hit my friend in the face with boomerangs and nah you cant really tell to much if you break a finger

I don’t think you can tell if you sprain or dislocate a finger I always thought you couldn’t move if it was a clean break. Any way lol I hit my friend in the back of the head with a boomerrang he was knocked out for like 5 secs I thought he was dead…