Yoyos Disabilities

So, I went Ice skating yesterday and really sprained my elbow muscles or something. I can not extend or completely bend my arm right now. In fact, I am writing the message mostly one-handed. I can hardly yoyo right now. Has anyone else ever encountered something like this?

Which arm is it? If it’s your right then I don’t see how you could yoyo at all, LOL.

I’ve had certain instances where my hands get so dry that they start to crack (I don’t know what’s with 'em) and I can hardly throw. Kinda gross, but you asked…LOL.

Irrelevant, there are lefties in yoyoing too :wink:

By the way, same as above, I had come to a point, one and a half year(s?) ago, where my right middle finger was so cracked I could barely throw a yoyo. It took more than a year to fully recover, as the cracks kept re-opening. I feel like I’ve lost this year because I couldn’t yoyo as much as I wanted.

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LOL, yeah, usually I would just say “dominant hand”, but I know this guy personally, and he’s a righty.

Legit then, my apologies! I understood the “you” the impersonal way :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re totally fine! I would probably say the same thing, LOL.

back in September I broke my thumb playing baseball and I could not throw normal for about halfway through October. Than on Halloween I ended up slipping and breaking my wrist which made me not throw for a while but, eventually i could move it around so I could throw a little. It does really stink not to be able to yoyo without it hurting though I hope you get better soon

Yeah just let it heal. You don’t want to make the injury worse. Are you participating in the tournament?

First off, I would like to thank all of you for your sympathy.

It is my left elbow. It hurts to make quick or awkward movements with it. Like, I can’y do an upside-down Trapeze.

And, yes, I am participating in the contest. :’( :’(

Get some heat on it man rest up and get a compression sleeve it will help insulate your elbow you can get them at any sports store in the basketball area I use them for competition because I have tendonitis thats all you can do hopefully you feel better in time for competition and use the sleeve


A few years ago I got tennis elbow right before a contest. I wore a support for it, but it still made that contest a painful experience.

Man that sucks hopefully it heals soon enough.

My hands are pretty bruised up right now. I have two middle knuckle cuts on my right index and middle finger. They crack and bleed daily its gettin annoying hahaha. I also hurt my elbow the other day. Its not bad now tho. Ibuprofen. Word.

Work on looping tricks. This can be a good time to develop a stronger throw.

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I wish I had thought about this!

Pretty clever!

That is a decent idea. I stink at looping though and I don’t really like it either.

I often encounter the problem of burning my fingers making it extremely painful to use a yoyo at all

I had/have carpall Tunnel Syndrome. Hurts like crazy, even when not moving.