Stuck on the bench...(injuries that keep you from throwing)

Don’t you hate when something completely unrelated to yoyoing happens and keeps you from throwing?

I’ve currently got a tendon thing going on in my elbow. It is either from riding my bike at the local pumptrack (which would be depressing) or from playing too much Call of Duty Mobile on my phone (which would be embarrassing).

Either way, I’m sitting here trying to take it easy on my arm and can’t throw at all.

Maybe time to work on those left-hand loops I’ve always wanted to learn?


Hope you recover soon dude!
Whether it is yoyo or other hobbies, it sucks when you can’t do it when you want to do it.


Slightly related:

When I was in the hospital for chemotherapy I used to yoyo while still attached to an IV.


Just out of curiosity, which level/rank are you on CODM?:joy::joy:


Not as high as you’d think considering that it appears to be giving me some sort of injury!

I should really only play games that use a controller.


See also: tennis elbow.

Not to be weird, but do you sleep with your hand under your pillow or head?

That can lead to tennis elbow. Feels kinda like your elbow needs to “pop” but doesn’t. Ish. It hurts. I dunno. I have it. They sell a brace at Walmart for like 7 bucks. It helps.

Just a thought.

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That really sucks @photogeek :frowning: What a miserable place to have something go wrong!

I recently had a 3 week long gout flare up. No joke…some of the worst pain of my life! I couldn’t put any sort of pressure on my foot so was unable to get any throwing in.
@ryanmcg can back me up on just how painful gout can be!

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