help with throwing arm pain.

Hello everyone, i need help from the yoyoing community, about a month ago my arm started hurting, i put it out of my mind and went about my daily stuff. but now i cant even throw my yoyo it hurts so bad. I can throw for like 30 seconds if i ice it before hand. But then i have to stop because of the pain.

Anyone have any advice? I have tried icing it and not throwing my yo-yo, but it doesn’t help

Wheres the pain?
Best advice would be go see a doc of course.

Up in my shoulder and under my elbow, yeah i really need to.

I got some pretty rough pain from working on Hidemasa Hook and Brent Stole. I couldn’t seem to land it with regular throws (though I’m told once you know the motion you don’t particularly need extra effort) so I was throwing really hard.

Eventually had to NOT THROW for a week. I stopped throwing early enough that it only took a week to recover… if you’re still throwing and aggravating it, you might need to stop for longer. :frowning: As mentioned, seeing a doctor isn’t a bad move.

I stopped throwing for like 3 or 4 days, but then i played dodge ball, and it hurt more than ever.

Is the pain sharp like a stabbing pain, or more dull and achy? I’ve had they dull pain and usually rest and a hot pad works wonders.
If the pain is sharp it could be something like tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome when a repeated activity causes too much strain on the tendons in your arm. If its sharp I would rest and probably see a doctor.

Has anyone else had arm pain like this?

Yeah it sounds like a rotater cuff, to me but I am no doc, and have no advice for you.
could be something in your upper lumbar though. If it was me I would be heading to see a doc or letting it rest to see if it gets better. Probably a combo of both really. Don’t take any of this as advice though.

I’ve had a sore shoulder and elbow before. Not from yoyoing though. I alternated cold and heat every 15-20 min., and kept from aggravating the pain. You could try that, but If that doesn’t help seeing a doctor wouldn’t hurt.