My throw arm hurts ? >:(

Work has been a little slow I’ve been laid off over a week and yoyo ing like crazy , 2 to 3 hours a day . I’m in a bit of pain but I don’t want to stop playing . anyone else ever go through this ?

yep, its like golfers arm, but i guess you could call it throwers arm. it gets sore from throwing a bunch. totally normal

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Oh yeah, i did, it might be happening due to another form of stress on the arm, for me it was dodgeball.
My advice, stop yoyoing for a few days, i know it really stinks, but it will be worth it!

I’m right handed, and I’ve recently been trying to learn left handed throwing. I tried for like 2 minutes and my left arm started to hurt really badly. It’s a completely normal part of the hobby that is yoyoing.

I throw for 3+ hours during the week and 4+ on thee weekends and this has never happend to me ??? Fell left out…

yep i have had it all i did was stop throwing for the day and i was fine.

yup. when i first started for the first month.
and also now, i just recently been hyping hooks and reverse hooks with multiple whips.
i can tell you, those things kill your arm like crazy!

work through it you’ll be fine =P

how it was when i started swinging a hammer for a living.