I need to know. I might have to quit yoyo.


I have been getting horrible pains in my throwhand forearm and wrist. My parents think its from yoyoing. Do u guys get it? Its been getting worse for months. They r saying that its from yoyoing, and they might make me stop for a few months, and i may be forced to quit. I cant quit, yoyoing is my life and ai mean that. Quiting would pretty much be the end of the world to me, i cant imagine anything worse :’(

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Take a week off. See if it helps. It could also just be pains from growing.

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If you are throwing excessively hard, that might be the culprit.


So throw lighter?


I know wat u mean, it would be… Bad.
I’d say, dont throw as hard, like try to throw it just like a “chill” throw. And wildcat is right, take a week off, some people yoyo on and off through the hear becyaee of that.
me, i would find the longest sleeping yoyo i have, and barely throw it (if you know what i mean by barely)


Hasn’t happened to me in my 5 years of yoyoing. Perhaps you injured your hand and playing with the yoyo is preventing you from yoyoing. That’s happened to me before, I thought yoyoing was injuring me. What really happened is that a very minor injury became a big because yoyoing made it worse. I didn’t even realize I had that injury, but from other evidence, I deduced that it was minor injury that was inflated by yoyoing. Take a break, don’t quit. It may go away.


See a Doctor.


If you’re new, it happens. You’re using muscles and bones in new ways and it take time to get used to it. Do less frequent and shorter throw sessions, say, 30 minutes twice a day. Go for 2-3 days, rest for a day. Try this. If that doesn’t work, rest for 2-3 days, then get back to it.

One thing is that yoyo is a repetitive task, like typing or playing drums, guitar, bass, keyboard and many other instruments.

For me, when I started, I had a pull in my neck, so I was looking to take a break or quit shortly after getting started. Add the new soreness I created for myself in my shoulder, wrist and forearm, well, it wasn’t pleasant. After I got my DM2, I played that for a bit and then had to stop for a week because the pain was quite intense and I had to take a break.

Now that I’m working on 2A, I am going through the same thing with my left hand now.

Breaks can be beneficial.


Try throwing lighter… If that doesnt work, take a break for a week or two to see if it helps… If it doesnt, get a doctor, or you could wait a little longer… If it does, just throw lighter and less… Or you could try your hand at left handed(I assume your right handed) 1A and hone your skills for 3A ;D


Absolutely take a week off. Maybe you just need time to let the injury heal without constantly aggravating the it. It it gets worse after a week with no yoyo you might want to see a doctor.

Granted, I have no medical knowledge and you really shouldn’t take medical advice from the internet, but taking time off really couldn’t be a bad idea. Of course seeing a doctor is always the best route when you’re worried about your health.


I had this happen to my shoulder, it was mainly caused by other physical activities, for me it was doge-ball. Just stop for a little while and come back to it, your yoyos will still be there when you get back.


I’d suggest not only letting up on hard throws, but if you are yo-yoing for hours at a time, all throughout the day, you should not only let up on the force of the throws, but also the duration of throwing sessions too.

Take a short break for a few days, let your body heal, and just keep in mind that anything done in excess can be harmful. Keep throwing in moderation, and it will always be good to you. No need to quit.


If your string is too short, the force of the yoyo hitting the bottom of the string will be much greater than it would be if it was longer. I can’t prove this, but I can tell the difference when I throw.


Does this mean you’ll stop posting? Please please please.


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Ask a doctor.

Throw with your left hand.


Wow, that’s polite…


Do whatever you can to get better and i hope you don’t have to quit, but if no yoyos is the end of the world for you, then you need to get out more, my friend.


The last half of that made me lol, that made my day :smiley:


Take some time off, get a girlfriend, read a book, learn another language, get a hub stacked throw so you can pull start, learn to mod yoyos, make your own yoyo out of wood (you can buy kits), study physics so you understand yoyos better, clean your room, help your parents clean the house, mow the lawn, those last things aren’t for money they’re because your parents work hard for you, find a summer job, do odd jobs for money to buy more throw related stuff, or to buy women flowers and shiny things… you’ll spend a lot of your life doing that you should get a head start, read a book, or just go google arm pain and diagnose yourself with the plague! But really seriously read a book. And don’t worry, your parents probably just want you to start doing something else. Too much of anything is never good.


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