My wrist hurts from long periods of yoyoing, any tips?

I yoed for about the whole day yesterday and my wrist hurts every time I move it up or down.

You should take a break like if you had a ten hour period yoyo for 3 hours break for 30 minutes or something like that.

I had similar, but for me it was my elbow from trying to do hook for like an hour straight. Just don’t elbow for a day and you should be fine

The best thing a yo-yoer can do for his hands and wrist are to take a break. Too much yo-yoing might not be a good thing if your wrists hurt. Give it a day off and try again the next day. Who knows? Maybe a break can be good for your tricks.

I have a pinched nerve issue PRIOR to starting to yoyo(middle of April 2011, not sure what I did). I started near the start of March 2011. Much weakness in my right arm. Doctors are still trying to figure it out exactly. Anyhow, with me, pain is a part of life. No pain, no gain. But I had to stop throwing 2 weeks prior to an event to rest my arm to ensure I can handle the show(barely but did).

I was practicing for an hour a day, and my elbow and wrist and hand hurt(from the yoyo smacking it)

End results: No real improvement for me. I still recommend people rest. If you’re going to practice, I’d say go for 15 minutes, then a 5 minute break. Practice again, then take a longer break. As you build up, you can go longer. But you do need to take breaks.

Take a break. Over time, your wrists will get stronger and won’t sore so quickly.

hey guys, I just realized it is a sprain, not soreness, I checked symptoms online and it was exactly like what I’m feeling. I found my info here: , but it said if it’s minor it will only hurt when you move your wrist all the way up or down. But when I move it left ( p.s this is my left wrist ), it hurts too! My mom will never let me go to the doctor for minor reasons even though were insured, I don’t know if it’s minor or major, I will attempt to do RICE tomorrow.

Take a decent break and do some gentle hand and wrist stretches. It might suck to not yoyo for a few days, but getting carpel tunnel or repetitive motion syndrome can plague you for the rest of your life.

If you truly are throwing more than 4 hours a day, that’s a significant strain. Also, make sure your shoulder, elbow, and wrist are perfectly in line before you throw (you should be able to set a wood plank from your shoulder to your hand and then balance a glass of water on it) as this will reduce strain due to unnatural muscle movements.

If problems persist, contact a doctor of course. I doubt anyone on these boards is a certified MD, and your health always comes first.

If you really think it’s a sprain, remember to limber up your throw arm a little both before and during prolonged yoyoing

How will I know if I have one of the syndromes.

Heheh he said period of yoyoing.


If your wrist hurts while yoyoing, take a break.

a 5 - 10 minute break will do :3

You know, I had the same question around this time last year when I started to heavily get back into throwing. It got to where my wrists were hurting so I slowed down a bit. I still continued to throw however so that my wrists will become stronger. Today, I’ll occasionally get a sore arm only if I’ve been non stop throwing all day (like when I was at BAC, spent the day throwing 70 grams). After a couple days and throwing a lighter yoyo my arm was fine. So I just call it conditioning. Ease up if you’re finding yourself becoming strained…and if you are itching to still throw, perhaps just mess with a Mosquito, something light.

Like a yyf ONE?

I had pretty bad RSI (repetitive strain injury) and stopped yoyoing for almost a year.

I can actually found that light yoyos can make it worse, as you tend to compensate by throwing harder.

I found that the most strain actually came from the yoyo “thunking” at the bottom of the string - which is why I prefer narrower gaps and one of the reasons I don’t like concave bearings.

The second biggest strain is when you bind and the yoyo pulls on the string. If you’re using a heavy yoyo or it is spinning very fast, it will put a lot more strain on your wrist as the yoyo bites into the string.

I saw a few specialists, none of whom helped at all. Eventually a trip to a Chinese doctor and an extended break did the trick.

Like others have said, take a break. Stretch your wrist before throwing and slowly build up your strength and tolerances.

Good luck!

that sounds about right if you just started throwing
take it easy while you throw cause the last thing you want is to mess up your wrist

I started about 8 months ago tho. It’s getting better every day tho.