Anyone has tried playing with their left hand?

I am right handed so I tried learning to use my left hand, that way its easier to learn 3a and 2a. Its like learning to throw and play yoyo again, feels really weird. For the most basic tricks I had to even watch André´s videos to learn them left handed. I cant even get a good breakaway.

Yes! It is hard. I tried to play with a powerbrain, and I couldn’t do it. Then after I got ok at throwing, I tried looping, and I hit myself in the neck. I haven’t tried since (that was two weeks ago).

i tried got up to plastic whip! ;D

I play 3A so yes and when you get used to it, it comes eventually. ibanezcollector is a beast left handed :wink:

I’m left handed so yes, all the time :smiley:

I’m a lefty so I tried playing right handed. The best I could pull off was the Matrix.

I have to completely relearn yoyoing because i injured my right arm so badly i have to mainly use my left hand now. Now I’m pretty good, i can do a few master tricks, lots of expert, almost all the advanced, (can’t do boing-E-boing) and am now very comfortable with it.

How did you hurt your arm?

Yes! It’s better with looping. Just plain hard for especially if all your 1a yo-yos are unresponsive.

Yes and I almost stopped myself from having children ::slight_smile:

I’m a lefty who plays righty…

I got a hyper extension from basketball, and because i yoyoed so much, i never got a chance to heal, and i can’t yoyo now because of how badly i hyper extended it. Now until it heals, (but more like if it ever heals) i can only yoyo lefty!!! On August 24 (or the 22, i forgot) i can yoyo righty again!!! (but only for four days :()

I have tried lefty, it’s exciting, like being a newb but with all my know-how of how to do things.

I wonder if I get good enough that I might make it feel natural rather than just thinking like Right handed but mirrored. haha :wink:

i did since am a lefty :stuck_out_tongue:

Lefty too.
My right hand fails.

Lefty here. Tried 2A so I guess that counts :wink:

i’m the exact same way lol. i’m actually ambidextrous, but i still can’t throw with my left hand.

Since my left hand is kind of clumsy when I catch the yoyo, I got bruise in left hand. Now it hurts everytime I catch the yoyo.

it is so easy. that is because i am a lefty. i try yoyoing righty. i can do a couple tricks

I’m so sorry. I would just give myself a break, and not yoyo for a couple days, and then start again. I’m soooo sorry again, it mustb really, really, really, really hurt. :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\

It’s true, I know him ;D