Left-handed yo-yoing

OK, I just recently broke my arm so I decided to try left-handed 1A. Is there any suggestions to how to make this feel less awkward? I’m thinking it just comes over experience though.

Thanks Contagon

ooh how did you brake your arm

practice and if you become good with the left hand then you could try some 3a

but it all comes down to practicing

It always feels awkward when you yo-yo with your non-dominant hand. It’s just that you get used to having your dominant hand as your throwhand and your non-dominant as your non-throwhand.

Don’t worry about it. With enough practice you’ll be able to control the yo-yo with your left hand. Then you can try 3A ;).

Curve your hand a little (i know this cuz im left handed) and also it depends on wat yoyo you have, and if it tilts or wabbles do some trapezes. tell me wat kind of yoyo or shape and ill give you some advice

I broke it playing soccer, and I figured it would come down to practice, I was just checking to make sure. :wink:

It’ll probably be a journey or FHZ

i was wondering how long it would be till you made something like this
i never thought about 3a practice like that and some advice…
i think that it is benefitial(spelling?) to have a shorter string for 3a
correct me if im wrong

We all brake our arms. It helps the yoyo spin better. :stuck_out_tongue: (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

That stinks man. Hope it heals quickly.

You could use shorter strings if you want, but it isn’t needed. After all, this is still 1a. Just work at it. It’ll happen eventually.

[glow=red,2,300]Ok so its plastic, throw it smooth not hard, and tilt your hand tword your body. make it go over your pointer finger and if it tilts bring it back up and start over. /glow]

im a lefty and broke my hand over the summer so i threw wih my right hand for a few weeks, by the end it still felt strange but i could do basic stuff like double or nothing. the mist confusing part for me was trying to do the tricks backwards, it just didnt click in my head how to do them lol

2a dude. learn to loop with your left. you’ll thank yourself later.
it’s just a matter of overcoming the tendency to rely on our dominant hand.

i did learn how to loop with my right hand when i broke my left, im still working on doing 2 hands at the same time though