switching it up


so whenever I get bored with normal yoyoing I switch to lefty throwing. Mostly been practicing and gaining coordination to be able to try 3A eventually. now with a sore arm from muscles that aren’t usually used and being able to do a pretty solid matrix I’m good for today. Has anyone else tried switching up your throw hand?


Ive done it a few times… I can do most of my front style tricks and a few side style but my breakaway is really awkward…


yeah can’t do front style. other than a basic zipper, boing-e-boing,mach5,and barrel rolls. can hardly do split bottom. but just used the rules I drilled into my head when learning on my dominant hand, and isn’t to bad but is not pretty.


When I’m really bored I might start throwing with my other hand. It usually doesn’t last long though, simply because when my yoyo dies from my pathetic right handed throw, I can’t do a snap start with my left hand. :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t use snap start even. no way would i be able to snap start lefty


done it a lot for 2a but since I am a left supposedly supposed to be a righty due to my eyesight it isn’t that big of an adjustment.


I’m trying to learn 3A, so I’m throwing left handed with a responsive yoyo at the moment. Pretty good frontstyle, but my breakaways just aren’t in the proper plane, yet.


yeah I want to be able to try 3a eventually I think it would be fun, and a challenge I need since 1a is getting a little boring for me


This is a good idea…I might try this out soon.

But then again, I am REALLY bad with my LH. One time I threw both my One and my Whip to try 3A (there are my most similar throws), and it was an EPIC fail.


It’s weird to me how everyone has a problem with a breakaway with their non-dominant hand, and frontstyle is easy. It’s the other way around for me. I can throw a breakaway easily and perform a bunch of tricks from it, but for frontstyle, I can’t even get into a split bottom mount…


I can do a few basic tricks on my left hand, but binds are terrible.


Now you know how it is for beginners…

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Haha, I’m ambidextrous, and honestly when I throw left handed my style just changes. I could throw breakaways and front throws pretty easily. What’s weird is my left hand actually throws harder than my right hand. And I generally throw with my right hand.

3A to me is just so so much fun! I adore it