Throwing Non Dominant

To start off, I am a weird type of Ambidextrous. I can do some things equally with both hands… like pistol shooting. But throwing a yoyo… ummm… no.

I got bored and moved the yoyo over to my left hand and threw it. It looked like I never had one in my hand before. After many tries, I got a semi straight throw and went to bind it… LMAO. I paused cause I had to think about how to bind. I am just an Intermediate player (right handed) and at the point I really don’t have to think about binding (right handed). This just was like a whole foreign world to learn about. :smiley:

I have to give it up to you 2a and 3a throwers. That’s going to take me a long while to get left handed stuff down.

If you have not tried throwing with your opposite hand before… go for it. I had a good laugh at myself with that.

Edit: I think I am going to set my Velocity to responsive and just practice throwing straight for a while.

yea, I do 3 and 2a and it took awhile to learn a couple of tricks