Has anyone ever tried to yoyo with their opposite hand?


Has anyone ever tried to yoyo with their opposite hand? I give huge props to 3A players! Well anyway, just curious on anyone else’s opposite hand yoyoing attempts.
Thanks, mr.wiErdHOBbies31.


I do 2a.


I occasionally throw left-handed to help with my 2A, 3A, and 5A. It really helps a lot if you want to get better in those styles. You have to re-teach your left arm/hand muscles how to do everything, even though you already know how to do them with your dominant hand. There’s an interesting relationship between the mind and body.


Just yesterday actually. I was kinda bored, so I took out my onestar and supernova. I put the supernova in my left and onestar in my right (so the onestar can spin longer) and I would throw them down…and have no idea what to do. I did a plastic whip bind the onestar, but the supernova died.

Then i took off the onestar off my right hand. I did split the atom, the i landed a trapeze, and failed :frowning:


I tried before I posted this thread to give me the idea. I did ok. Not only are the muscles in my left arm not trained, but they seemed weak :-.


I have before. Definitely gets me interested in 3A. I think if you threw exclusively with your left hand for like a month, you could get pretty good. Since you already know all the different “secrets” for doing tricks with your right hand, you basically don’t have to learn anything, just practice.




I have. I can do basic tricks like Buddha’s Revenge and some other Double or Nothing combos. I can’t even come close to the tricks I usually do with my regular TH actually throwing.



I throw with my left all the time! (lefty)

On a more serious note, yes! I have always wondered if you can learn 3a without ever yo-yoing switch handed, and just learn righty for both yoyos.


I don’t do any style (right now) other than 1a and occasional 5a. Just for kicks I tried throwing unresponsive with my left hand (I’m a natural righty), and was shocked with the results! I could do almost every trick I can do with my right, but with my left! It looked a bit awkward and felt a little strange, but it was cool.


I’m trying to learn 2A. Just too complicated. My arm started aching after a while, so I stopped. I’m still at it though.


I used to. Don’t really care to anymore.


Yup, the you have to get used to the throw orientation so that you don’t tilt out.


I got a crooked one second sleeper with my Velocity.