Double handed looping. Non-dominant hand trouble.

(Connor) #1

How can i get good with my left hand? My right hand is my dominant normal throwhand. Should i just play with my left hand for awhile. Right now all i have is a DM. but i will be getting a Sunset trajectory for xmas…hopefully. I will eventually start double handed looping, i just want to be ready for it when i do start.



Practice, practice, practice, etc. You get the point.


what i did is just tried to remember to use my left hand, try doing anything with your left hand that you do with your right hand all time. like writing, 1a yoyoing, holding something heck shaking peoples hands and so on. The more you start doing that the more ambidextrous you will get. later and remember keep it spinning.


don;t you have a yoyo that is responsive and intended for loops or basic tricks? :slight_smile: it will be easier to learn how to throw properly if you have an imperial shaped yoyo :wink:

you can start practicing your left hand by doing long sleepers or forward passes, it’ll be good if you’re gonna use sunsets’s for looping :smiley: