Learning to yoyo lefty! Stitches are no fun... dont take anything for granted!


WARNING: Pic’s maybe a little much for the queasy stomach! Proceed at your own risk…

Sooo tough learning to do things left handed… Makes me think, sometimes we take what we have for granted! Sooo many reasons to be thankful everyday!! My issue was relatively small but still can’t wait until my right hand is back to 100%. Missing it already! LOL. Had been dealing with a cyst on my wrist for the past 4 or 5 months and FINALLY had it removed! Just had no idea they were going to have to put me in a cast for a few days and then the big cut with all those stitches. Just hope thats the last I hear from it… :-\

Just got my cast off last night and this was my first time seeing the stitches! Doc said, “NO yoyoing!” lol… still going to try the lefty!

…just thought I would share with my fellow throwers! :wink:


Ouch. I once sprained my wrist, and it wasn’t nearly as bad, but I couldn’t yoyo for 2 weeks. I got really good at left-handed loops though.:smiley: Hope it gets better!


Ooh man so sorry for that. Definitely don’t try to force any movements I would say and sorry you had to hold back from yoyoing but hopefully you get back on the horse soon and make the best of it.


DO IT. Learn the basics up to at least halfway or through everything in intermediate. Then start 3A since you’re now used to your left hand when you can throw with your right hand again :smiley:


sorry i know you feel though like two days ago i broke my arm left arm so i can only do loops with right


Good luck and I hope for the best for you! At least now you can do 3a!


Play responsive


Thanks for all the positive responses!! It does help :slight_smile:

Playing a semi responsive FHZ… best friend for now! :slight_smile:

barely have trapeze and binding down on the left… hoping to hit a Kwijibo by the end of 2 weeks lefty but doubt it! Still trying… :wink:
Maybe someday 3A! LOL… :-X

Sorry to hear about your broken arm. Feel for ya!! Those cast suck… only had one on for a few day and boy was it frustrating! but hey, at least we’ve still got both hands!! :slight_smile:
Hadn’t thought about looping… going to bust out the No-Jive and making imperial, going to go to town on it! ;D Great idea!!!


Big Nic:

just go easy on yourself. broke mine ast summer and had the cast for 6 weeks…

ugh, it will take a bit of time to get to 100% but you will.

let’s see some vids of your lefty throwing!



Imperial No-Jive is my best friend for looping.


Thanks for the kind words! Can’t hardly wait to be back to 100%… soon!
As for the lefty videos… may try over the weekend. But I am HARDLY film worthy!! LOL… actually
would make for a good laugh ;D

Couldn’t bring myself to put it in imperial after digging it out of my yoyo’s… remember it took me forever to get it to play like it does in butterfly. :stuck_out_tongue:
Did get out my OLD Yomega’s! Unmodded FireBall (first yo!) STILL kickin butt for left handed… And a brain that has a mind of its own, still fun! :slight_smile:


Too bad… but a warning: just because you’re good with both hands doesn’t mean you’ll be good at 3a. However it is so with 2a.