Tell me how bad this is

today I think my 2 fingers, pinky and ring are both jammed and sprained. I let a doctor look at it and he said not to do any thing with my right hand for like 2-3 weeks. I gotta keep my fingers taped together in a liitle metal thing. So i’m a righty so i cant play with my yoyo for 2-3 weeks. sad face :-[

do you use those fingers for yoyoing?

I know how you feel, I sprained my wrist really badly and couldn’t yoyo for about six weeks.

well i guess you could try to learn some basic tricks with your left hand that dont involve your right
eg.: sleeper, forward pass, around the world, breakaway

you could even try to learn a one handed plastic whip bind with your left. it could be to your advantage later, say that you want to learn 2a. you will already have practiced forward pass with your left.

learn 2a. it doesnt involve any fingers except your middle

yeah, but it still puts a lot of force on your hand, and it might hurt if you have finger problems.

practice looping with your left

you don’t know how important those 2 fingers are until you can’t use them. you actually feel the force throughout your entire arm and hand. if your arm is sprained fractured broken etc, you will feel that thing when ever you move it. you think you dont use those fingers but the tendants in your fingers are all connected too

Learn how to loop with your left hand.


Learn hot to do 1a stuff with your left hand so that you can start getting into 3a.

You look at this as such a bad thing when really this is just a sign you need to get better with your opposite hand. :stuck_out_tongue:

Loop w/ your left

it is an oportunity to try something new that you probably would not have had the pacience to in the first place. also, it is the only way to continue yoyoing. for a while

You could probably still yoyo. But dont do tricks that involve those fingers.