learn to play lefty? (or righty)

i am right handed. today i decided that i would learn how to yoyo with my left. not 3a, not 2a, just 1a. i guess it is like insurance that if anything made my right hand in capable to throw, then i could go lefty (but i guess that if that happened, i wouldn’t really be able to do 1a anyways). it will also help when i decide i want to learn 2a or 3a.

anybody else want to accompany me on this journey of epic proportions. i am not going to just start throwing lefty. i am going to re-learn everything like it was my first time. i have already started with my equinox (only responsive yoyo) and i can bind, braintwister, and barrel role already. i will try to update my learning experience as i go.

I’ll do this, but I unfortunately don’t have a responsive yoyo. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll see what I can do though. Picture tricks are gonna kill me. Is there any set time amount?

im on my way to lefty also… I want to do triple A

I’m gonna buy a MFHZ and try to work my way up to at least a left-handed kwijibo after I feel that I’ve got 1A down to a decent extent. Still working on a few master tricks and my own tricks.

i’ll continue my journey. i went 3 days without throwing right handed…like going through hell. im up to ripcord so i’ll continue my journey through the lefty yoyoing

Man, that’s like learning to skateboard switch. I’ll trying looping with my left. I’ve always wanted to learn 2A

Sounds like a fun challenge… But lately I have been throwing a lot of 5a which kinda gives me a head start…

I totally just tried to loop with my left … Haha, it was funny