righty lefty, need some opinions

im right handed, but ever since middle school ive been yoyoing with my left hand (i started because it just felt more comfortable, and it seemed to hurt my left handed fingers less than it did my right handed fingers when i yoyoed pre-switch)

do you think i should continue learning to yoyo left handed, or do you think i should take the time to relearn everything and get comfortable yoyoing with my right hand?

There is nothing wrong with being ambidextrous. After all every D&D character and action movie star is.

Learn both ways and then become some sort of 3a guru.

Why not learn tricks with each hand at the same time? It’ll definitely help with 3a…

It doesn’t matter which hand you use. What ever feels natural will work best.

My dad’s a lefty but plays right-handed guitars because they’re more common. For some reason I, as a righty, swing right-handed, but putt left-handed.

In 1A both your hands use complex finger to control a yoyo. So I guess it depends if you think your throw is going to be affected negatively by being in your left hand. But apparently you knew how to throw looping yoyo with your left hand so it really doesn’t matter too much.

The only difference in play between lefty and righty is that the string tension changes differently. If a trick tightens the tension righty, the same trick will loosen the tension lefty.

Watching tutorials would be a difference for learning, but some who play lefty like the mirror image.

I don’t think you need to relearn unless you want to be ambidextrous or do 2A/3A. 2A is so great.

Is your dad Jimmie Hendrix?