Left handed yoyoers

I used to be a right handed yoyoer, but now I am a left. This was because I broke my right middle finger and was so determined to keep going that I starte with my left hand. I found that it felt natural to me. So to this day I am a left handed 1A yoyoer.
What I want to know is, how many others are there?



Natural righty, but throw lefty. Feels right.

Trying Left so i can do 2a and 3a.

good luck with that, man;)! I’ve tried but found it insanely hard. I’m a righty :wink:

Cool I find that I can do both very well

South paw over here! John Narum is too…

I’m left handed, but that hasn’t crossed my mind concerning yoyoing in a while :slight_smile:

Does anybody think its harder to learn tricks because everybody tries to show you right handed?

Well when watching a tutorial its an exact mirror image so i find it easier. However, it really throws me off when they say “left had do this then right hand do that” I would prefer “throw hand and non throw hand.”

I’m left handed and Yoyo with my left. Right now I’m working on my right hand in looping I’m getting good so far.

JordandarkmagicII is.

im the opposite here, left handed, but throw with my right hand

Brett Grimes throws left handed, and he shows quite a few tricks.

Nathan, you are so boss for continuing throwing after breaking your finger! See you at school today!

M.Dev is right. It really throws (:wink:) me off when People say left hand this right hand that. I used to do complete tricks wrong for weeks until I got used to learning like this.