Do some tricks not work right left handed?? I can do some of the expert tricks with no problem but on a simple trick like McBride roller coaster, I can’t even get past the 1 1/ mount double or nothing switch… I have always wondered if lefty’s were handicapped when it comes to more “switch up” tricks.

I wouldn’t think that leftys would be “handicapped” in any way. I think the best way to learn a trick when watching a righties tutorial is to see if you can just flip the vid opposite so it would be like if it’s being done by a lefty.

Left us can do all the same tricks as a right handed person. It’s just a matter of getting to rotations down. I myself as a lefty find it’s a lil harder to learn but just stick with it and you’ll work it out.

Actually you can just mimic what people in tutorials are doing.

As a lefty thrower, I haven’t seen a single trick that righties can do that lefties can’t (you know, not counting like a super hard trick for a beginner… you get what I mean). Lefties aren’t handicapped in any way. All is good for us lefties.

My bad, I was thinking if watching a vid as filmed from above the one doing the demonstration.

I throw lefty and I’ve never had any problem learning any tricks because of right handed tutorials. I just pay attention to what hand is supposed to move. Think “throw hand” and “non-throw hand” when you’re learning tricks.

Nope you shouldn’t have a problem the only time where you start having minor problems learning tricks is when you start slack tricks due to lefties tending to have readjust string tension more often.

I don’t think lefties are handicapped at all. Have you seen some of Finch’s videos. He’s left-handed and awesome.

Why should you have to adjust string tension more often? It gets a half turn every throw, just like righties.

I actually think lefties are at an advantage because we can just mimic what we see on tutorials instead of thinking “ok so my NTH does…” The only problem I’ve seen is headcam POV stuff

yes but in the opposite direction for most string which causes problems which means lefties strings loosen.

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