I’m left handed and having trouble landing the magic drop. Do I do it the same way right handers do it or am I missing something. I am getting nothing but a knotty mess

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It should be the same? Magic drop just is one of those tricks that you either just get right away or is going to take you forever to perfect.

Watching it flipped should help.

Don’t watch it on mobile or else it won’t work.

Make sure the string on the throw hand is positioned right and it should reject almost every time, though this still takes practice. Hitting the correct string on the landing is its own deal.

As a lefty, I definitely feel the pain of watching righty tutorials. Are you usually pretty comfortable with flipping things in your head? I know some of us have a really hard time with that, though you eventually get used to it.

Thank you.

sent from my stylo II using the YoYo Expert App

Man I can flip it most of the time in my head but sometimes its tough to see it all. I could use your help on a lot of stuff. Lol. If you’re game.

Isn’t it easier for lefties to learn from tutorials because you just have to copy what they’re doing?

Unless it’s an overhead view you just have to copy what they’re doing since they’ll be facing you.

Yeah, feel free to message if you have any questions. I’m pretty solid through the advanced stuff on here and I’m working through the expert stuff,to give an idea where I might have advice.

Also, the mirror thing doesn’t work for most, unfortunately, especially since the small details are often shown from above or the side.

I happen to be good at 3d object rotation, so it’s helped with instruction diagrams and videos

I’m right handed but this helped me get it down.