How many lefty yoyoists are out there? any tips? alot of tricks are different to perform while lefty, you guys have any sites that show lefty tricks in specific? tips?

There are a number of them out there. I can only think of Adam Brewster and Hadrian off the top of my head, but there are so many more! You’re not alone! :smiley:

Tricks should not be much different aside from the fact that everything will be a mirror image. I don’t think there are any sites specifically showing lefties throwing and teaching, so try your best to just think of every trick taught by a right-handed person as a mirror.

Keep at it! It might seem awkward at first, but you’ll pick up on how to learn from right-handed teachers, and sooner or later, you won’t need us at all! :smiley: You’ll be making up your own tricks.

Brett Grimes

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Me, here is a tip that helped me out at first, just look at the tuts and act like you are mimicking them, if they have their arm up on the right side of you then you use your right arm, understand? Or an even better tip is to not think of left or right but throwhand (TH) or nonthrowhand (NTH).

I"m a lefty and yeah i agree with the above post sometimes its’ easier to learn a new trick from a right handed person cause you just mirror their movements.  But brett grimes has some sweet slo-mo vids on his youtube account and some on his store website (not sure if I can post that link here or not help me out mods.) and they are all lefty vids.  Super easy to learn tricks with the clear slo-mo vids he has.

Her is the link to his youtube account http://www.youtube.com/user/ibanezcollector

im a lefty


i am a lefty ;D

im a lefty

John Narum and Ryota Ogi are both left handed.

im a lefty also and i do hav a little trouble with some yoyo tricks also when thier at sertain angles

lefty fo life!

I’m a lefty but play guitar righty hahah.

This is off topic but my sister is also a lefty, but she learned to play guitar right handed.

Simon is lefty (3x UK national champion).

LEFTYYYYY!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
ive had a little trouble learnin a few tricks in the past but youll get over it a fter awhile :smiley:

Just use a mirror in front of your computer screen! ;D

about 3

I’m a lefty. Tricks shouldn’t be hard to learn off a screen even if the teacher is right handed because a good tutorial will always say ‘throwhand’ or ‘non throwhand’

im ambidextrous ;D