Any leftys out there who throw yo-yo with their right hand?

Just curious if there is a left handed person out there, who learned to throw yo-yo with the right hand instead. If so, I’d like to know why, and if it was difficult to learn that way. Thanks.

Just guessing here…


If you have never done something and want to learn, you can possible learn with your opposite if you wanted to.

I could learn lefty, its just like beginning, get the throw, trapeze, bing and double or nothing…

And i can do the basic lefty, and 3a :stuck_out_tongue:

I am right handed, if I threw lefty, it would be extremely hard. I could do it, but I am VERY right hand dominant.

I’m curious if a lefty decided to throw righty so they could learn tricks easier from right handed people, or better string options…or whatever reason. I will not presume either is the case, but if they are out there, I’m curious to know why it happened that way.

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One guy here broke/damaged his right middle finger and is starting/started to learn lefty…

The last month, I’ve pretty much only thrown with my left. I’m right hand dominant, however.

As I mentioned in the thread that spawned this one, I play most sports and musical instruments righty, but yoyo lefty. I write and eat lefty though.

I’m going to start playing both ways. Get ready for some 3a.

Very interesting how that worked out for you, sounds like you are a lefty, but not a real dominant lefty. I am a dominant righty, and I would even use an injured right hand to do things, rather than use a perfectly fine left hand. It is to that extent that I have a level of comfort and confidence in the right.

But, I have to admit that most of it is all in my head. I type 70wpm, and obviously trained my left hand to cooperate, so I could break out of it.

You’re quite lucky, I’m probably even more right hand dominant than you TotalArtist. There is absolutely nothing I do lefty, unless you count one handed driving (Training so I can eventually learn to drive a stick) and playing NHL 14 skaters that shoot lefty.

In reality I play street hockey righty, yoyo right handed, write and text and eat right handed. I mostly attribute it to the fact that my right eye is better than 20/20 and my left eye is in need of a +4 magnification to even come anywhere close to like 21/20 not even 20/20 :stuck_out_tongue:

I write with my left hand, but do most other things as a right-hander.

I did quite a lot of sport when I was younger and always played as a right-hander. I could catch a ball just as well using my left hand, but can’t throw with that hand.

Generally, my left hand is better for very fine, delicate control, whilst my right hand is stronger. I can’t use a pencil or pen at all with my right hand, but have no problem writing “bigger” - I often use my right hand to write on chalk boards, for example, even though I can’t hold a pen with that hand.

So, I found one? You write lefty, but throw yo-yo with your right hand. That’s pretty cool. Thanks for explaining how that came to be for you. It makes sense that you would throw with the right because it’s the stronger side. Very interesting.

I’m the same way. Small and intricate things have to be done with my left. Power comes from my right. I’ve just always used my right hand for yoyo though. I’ve tried using my right for 1a and cant even bind well lol. 2a is gonna be fun.

I am the opposite. I am a righty who throws lefty.

That’s interesting too. Is your left side the stronger side for you? Same reason as Frodoslair?

I cam do a little bit of both. I mainly throw with my left hand but I can throw with my right hand fairly easily (but not do complex stuff tricks) and do some generic tricks with it. Then again my eyesight was weird when I was little. There was a bunch of left eyes dominate eye so I saw better with that one and I’m supposed to be writing with my right hand. that’s why my handwriting is not legible so I have to use a laptop for all my school work except for math where I use graph paper. (in algebra right now I give my teacher a headache trying to tell If that’s a “b” or a “6” yeah. Plus it also helps when you play the clarinet as an instrument you literally train your self to be ambidextrous because of all the buttons and keys on the instrument. So yeah an over complex story on how I can Yoyo with my right hand.

I’m a lefty, but I find that baseball is better righty for me because easier access to gloves and more choices, for I while I just used my mom or brother’s glove. Bowling is righty, mostly because I learned that way but partially because my right arm tends to be stronger (I’ve broken my left elbow twice). I know the tiniest bit of guitar and play righty because lefty guitars are more expensive and harder to find and it is a lot harder to learn due to always having to mentally flip everything.

One of the reasons that I love yoyoing because it gives me the freedom to be left handed. No I don’t play righty, but I don’t want to.

I’m learning to loop and being right handed is killing me for left handed yoyoing, I wonder if a left handed string would make things a little easier on my left hand and trying to keep focused on the throw and not the loose strings.

^^ Interestingly, a 1a throw with my left hand feels incredibly awkward, yet I loop better with my left than my right. I find it easier to get the rhythm going.

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Maybe that the trouble I have no rhythm it’s all off beat drummers (a dozen I tell you) all drumming to a different beat in sync while being out of sync lol.

I’m a lefty, and I throw basically all lefty, but I have been trying to learn to do some with my right hand, because I think eventually doing 3a could be fun. But right now I’m completely incompetent with my right hand.

I’m lefty and I sometimes throw righty. Just a shot in the dark, but I think it is easier for Leftys to go righty than the other way around.