Do you throw Lefty or Righty and what do you like about it!!


So do you throw lefty, righty, or are you ambidextrous like for 3A!! I would love to here which way you throw and then what you like more about throwing with a certain hand than the other!! I’m sorry if this makes no sense but I would love for anyone to post!! It will be much appreciated!! Thanks!!

I throw lefty and the thing I like about it most is that there aren’t as many lefty throwers out there than righty throwers!!

Jordan, out!! ;D


I mostly throw righty, but I can also pull of a couple of tricks lefty. And I do a little bit of 3A.


I throw lefty and do 2a and 3a


I throw the right way and 3a


I’m a southpaw myself.


i throw ambidextrous


I’m a righty. But what do you mean “what doI like about it”? It’s comfortable? It feels correct?

I’m better that way? I just don’t understand the question…


Yeah… I was afraid that it would make no sense at all, but, yeah you can answer like that!! I just meant, like me, I like being lefty because there aren’t as many people out there that are lefty!! Sorry it probably still doesn’t make any sense!!


I could throw both, but I prefer right, silly Kindergarten teacher forced me to choose between a hand and stick with it for writing. She was a jerk, but still, thanks to that, I lost some of my Ambidextrious-ness. lol


I throw righty but I’m decently ambidextrous for most other daily activities.


I throw righty, but I am starting 2A tricks, so I am practicing lefty throwing.


Lefty, and use Lefty String. A little ambi tho, play a little bit of 3a. I like being a lefty cuz my partner who performs with me is a Righty and we can do some interesting tricks back and forth together :slight_smile:


I’m naturally right handed, but for whatever reason I yoyo with my left hand.


I’m getting better being ambidextrous but still a righty for 99% of everything. I did shoot a billiards competition last week and shot lefty on 2 shots that won me the game. YoYoing has it’s benefits cuz I never had any lefty skills till now.


comfort. If it feels right then that’s the best way for you.


i mainly throw right handed but im also pretty good with my left hand
the wierd part is i play instruments shoot archery and write left handed although im working on writing right handed

(George Wollaston) #17

I’m left handed but I’m slightly cross-dominant. I learned to throw lefty but could have just as easily learned to do it righty. :slight_smile:


Throw lefty, because I’m left handed and because have a dodgy right arm which kinda rules me out from throwing righty…


lefty 4a 5a 1a


Righty for now…
It was the hand I started throwing with so that’s why it has stayed that way. In my opinion it is easier to learn right-handed because most tutorials are taught that way. Lefties usually have to do it mirrored.