I broke my arm...

My right arm. That is, my throwing arm. Not that it matters which arm you break… I still won’t be able to yo for at least a month… Anyway, I was involved in an accident beyond my control which resulted in an arm which, in all likelihood won’t be able to throw a yoyo or manipulate a string for 4 to 6 weeks. Have you ever been in a situation where you no longer had the ability to yo?

I was actually day-dreaming today, thinking how I would yoyo if my arm were broken. Feel better!

This sucks. Sorry bro.

One time I had the flu and couldn’t stand up to yoyo. So I did pull starts in bed =)

when I was sick, I was in this giant daydream, then when my mom left I snuck on to yoyoexperts :slight_smile:

Invent a new style using your toes! lol.

You could work on looping with your other hand to improve your 2a, though.

Same thing happened to me on my left arm. I have good advice though so you’re not totally out of it. I’ve broken it into steps:

  1. Learn to throw with your left hand.

  2. Learn to loop with your left hand.

  3. Get your cast off ;D

Hope this Helps!

Ouch! I’ve never broken an arm before so I don’t know what it feels like but I do know that not being able to throw and having your arm ache and numb sucks.

Hey at least by the time the cast is off, you’re amber-dexterous!

one time, not so long ago, my right arm got bitten by my girl’s cat.
it’s rip my flesh off my hand prety good.
i cant do yoyo about a month, but in the second week i force myself to throw, and the scar open up again.
so it’s about a month and a half without yoyo.

man, bad me… :stuck_out_tongue:

This happend to my friend a little bit ago. He just got his cast off about a week or two ago. As for me… the only incidant I had is when I ran out of yoyo string.

Make up one handed left hand tricks!!! And how did you break your arm? Although it sounds like you don’t answer… you don’t have to, don’t worry. Good Luck though. And… I’m not sure, but my friend broke his wrist… and had this plastic cast, but he could still use his arm, just not well…

yes… yes i have! i won’t be able to throw with my right hand for three months!!!
ya… it sucks… but know i am pretty good with my left hand ;D

One of my friends broke both of his arms and couldn’t do anything! I can’t imagine what I’d do…

I’m not going to ask…

car accident