no yoyoing :(


cant yoyo for almost a month, fractured my throwwhand pinkie. Have a giant cast thingy thats really annoying. :’(


i have sympathy for ya… a few years ago, a kid threw a rock at my face… used my throw hand to block it and broke the same pinky and left a nice shiner on my hand… couldnt throw for a little more than two weeks but it felt like an eternity… what i learned is to always view the cup half full… good news here is that youre going to heal… till then, my advice is to keep your mind elsewhere


This is the time you pick up a responsive yoyo and learn the basics with your non throw hand.


That’s what I was gonna suggest. That’s a bummer.

(Vizoh) #5

broke my hand last year hated not being able to yoyo it was like 4 months really sucked couldnt do anything for a while so weird to go without yoyoing for 4 months




What did you do to the kid?


well… i would like to say that i kicked his keister… however he was quite a bit younger than me and i was moving anyway, so i havnt seen him since, however i do have arthritis like pain in my finger now… i dont really care… its not all that bad

(Raphael) #9

Screw age difference. I would have at least told his parents or something. I would have probably put both hands behind his head, put him against a tree until he cried.


WWF(s)D. think that. (What Would Fluttershy do)


not worth the possible jail time… by then i was just old enough to be tried as an adult… regardless of what happend, he woulda won every time


I would have thrown the rock back.


Yes, learn the basics in your non-throw hand. One time I was sick and I couldn’t sit up, so I had to lie down. I couldn’t yoyo. after three agonizing days I threw again. It felt like having a long lost friend come back. That was three days, but a month!!! What are you going to do? Learn to yoyo in your non-throw hand.


the worst thing is that i broke it on a mini, cheap, inflatable basketball, the kind you get with cheap basketball hoops.