a work in progress

Nice video, except last time I thought you said that was your last video for 2-3 weeks. Also, nice song! You are also really improving your style by a lot then before.

Bad song. Video effects. Cant see you play that well. If you cant bind from Horizontal dont do it.
You’re trying too hard. This is a solid case of “Jumped out of the basics too early.”

i did accidently cut the jump

Sorry,dude I`m gonna agree with Mi this time.

i landed it


Mi is saying you progressed too quickly in your journey as a yo-yoer, as well as suggesting you should go back and practice the basics.

Also, (don’t take this into offence strictly criticism) your videos have gone backwards in quality. Even though we have suggested that you not use all the video effects you still do. I don’t know why you continue to do them even though they annoy people and make them not want to watch your videos.

well I didn’t really mind about the music and the first and last part was blurry but the rest was good.
another thing is that I think you did the same trick or combo several times.

Hey it doesn’t really matter binding horizontally, I never saw Andre bind horizontally anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it does. I can jump over the yoyo too, but I wont put it on camera until I can get the yoyo back.

Thats because you never saw him throw horizontally lol
I’m gonna agree with mi…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nziBDRxdfJM the video i took it from cause didnt feel like filming it

at1:18 i catch it

What a horrible mashup mix omg…
Nice yoyoing though?

sorry to be frank, but i have commented again and again with advice. seriously, all of your videos are the same. stop popping out a video every 2 weeks. you are sacrificing quality for quantity.

1, lessen the effects (in general, i know you dont do it all the time)

2, take a 2 month hiatus from filming. just practice. learn more tricks with this time, but what you should spend the most time doing is smoothing out the tricks you know, and when you finally land a trick, do it again. 4 times. in a row. and every time you mess up, restart the count. it is how i learn trumpet, it is how i study for spanish, it is how i yoyo. repetition.

  1. move to the beat of the music when you practice (also practice to music). that way you seem more natural when you film with music.

  2. dont let your videos become the same. at least half of your video has to be new material. that is a general rule for myself. if you dont follow it, fine, but at least dont have the same trick twice in the same video

EDIT: some more stuff i forgot about

  1. new scenery. the same scenery gets old and boring, especially in multiple videos.

  2. when you film, i can tell you took around 5 hours max. get some friends together who like to film stuff, make a day out of it. find new locations, do funny stuff, and if you ended up having too much fun and not enough yoyoing filmed, dont post it. film more later. there is no deadline
    i agree with Mi, and we usually debate a lot.

u were sponsered by bassboost or diti idk there name but u were?