This is my 5 months vid. ENJOY!  ;D  :D  :wink:


that was honestly the worst song remix of all time… You just killed that song… How do you feel?

sooo many things wrong with this video

u didnt land ur tricks, and they were ultra sloppy.

the background was stale

the song was TERRIBLE… i repeat TERRIBLE

please try again when you learn some good tricks… a double or nothing isnt a huge accoplishment.

thanks for trying


i worked relly hard on this video…

I’ll refilm it, and repost it today, with a difrent song

Wow…just wow.Alright,first off the tricks were sloppy. You should edit out all fails.
Work on your throw.Its bad.the yoyo died on almost ever trick.You also should edit out when your wrapping up the yoyo.This video was bad.im sorry, i may sound mean but im just telling you striaght out.You need to work on your smoothness of your tricks and they dont flow well.This video is wack

It is just so wrong to me that you guys are putting him down like that…
I agree with most of the opinions you guys gave him but at least tell him in a less disruptive way.

My friend, it is obvious that you are trying to show everyone your progress, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but with yoyoing at a beginner level, there will most likely be people who will jugde you in manners that you may find mean.

I find this video quite boring and plain because you didnt cut out the mistakes. Just make life a bit easier for some of the viewers and cut out the booboos so it looks a bit more professional. :slight_smile:
Keep yoyoing, you’ll get real good soon if you try hard and practice everyday!

yes it is, but he has been at it for 5 months… consider that at least intermediate

GUYSSSSSSSSSS He is a cool guy and he has some skill geeeez treat him with some respect and niceness

This. :slight_smile:

How about this: he’s better than probably 95% of people on the planet.

EDIT: I think asking people to “comment rate subscribe” is weak. If we like your videos I’m sure we will, but the majority of us don’t.

Agreed 100 % and we arent trying to put him down.We are telling him what he can do better.Its a fail video im sorry.

HEYY positive feed back time… i think your doing really good for 5 months i dont think i could do half of that when i was at five months but also you do show potential its just you didnt put any of the tricks you landed in the video try filming and individual trick until you get it right and then put that in your video good job and also everyoe else who was like ‘oh theres so much wrong with this’ its his 5 month vid dont expect too much

Ill start off sorta mean, but read, ill give you tips!

This sounds mean, I feel really guilty saying it, but im at 5 months and am way passed that! And the video wasnt good. Im truly truly sorry!!! Like super sorry! I sware I dont mean to be mean.

Alright, my nicer side. Just practice when you can, watch videos you find, watch tutorials here on yoyoexpert, ask for help if you need it! But wait a while to make another video because your a LITTLE bit slower at learning than some of us. Just practice more. Everyone learns at a different pace. So, watch videos, practice, ask for help, anything to get better. I know this sounds sorta like im “spoiled” but I had lessons from Chris Fraser. Maybe search to see if theres good yoyoers by you. If you tell me city and state you live in, I can search for you.

Im truly sorry, well i posted this i nearly cried about how mean i sounded. I know its disappointing, but it needs to be said. Don’t worry about taking videos and making a team and all that! Maybe you dont practice much and people need to realize that. I mean, it’s also ok to have a real life rather yoyo non stop. Im sorry! PM if you want more advice since were at the same experience

Given he didnt use the best song hes still doing good. he just needs some practice to smooth out his tricks. Or maybe hes camera shy? Also please only use constructive criticism not insults. There is no need for it. It does not promote the spread of yoyoing it only discourages it. So keep your negative comments to yourself. Keep up the good work your doing great for five months :slight_smile: