My feelings regarding 1A worlds results

It’s been so funny reading all these comments regarding worlds results. I thought I’d share my perspective about them among other things.

I missed my bread and butter hooks, which kind of sucks, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. Regardless, my goal going into it wasn’t to win, but rather to put together a memorable final freestyle, and in my mind, I succeeded at that.

Anyways, I’m super happy for Gentry and I definitely think his freestyle deserved to win. All in all, I’m super proud of him for coming back after many people had written him off. That’s what being a champion is all about.

2nd place is actually a really great place for me to be right now. People don’t realize it, but being champion comes with lots of unspoken responsibilities. It’s not mandatory, but generally as champion, you should be promoting yoyo heavily. This was me last year as I traveled to over 15 countries, appeared on dozens of TV spots, and did lots of internet marketing for yoyo. It was fun while it lasted, but that lifestyle would simply not fit with my current goals.

Where I’m at right now is focusing fully on my music, and I am feeling extremely fulfilled to be doing so. Deciding to retire from competitive yoyoing feels like the chains have been taken off my ankles and I’m able to run free at full speed towards my next goal. I should be releasing an album sometime late February, so stay tuned for that if you’re interested. Anyways, just wanted to share my feelings today. Hope you are all well and that the future holds nothing but awesomeness for you.


P.S. Hajime is the GOAT. Don’t @ me.


Evan threw the contest my calculating the results in his head, purposely missing those hooks. CONFIRMED! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your thoughts and good luck with your music!


Awesome man! I personally feel it was more of a dead heat tie than a clear 1st and 2nd!

Can you tell us more secret details about the Edge Infinite (Edge Ultimate?) – what is the name gonna be, at least :wink:


You’re a class act brother. I don’t speculate over whether people “deserve” to win at yo-yoing, but you deserve to be so satisfied and proud regarding all the inspiration you’ve given yo-yoers over the years and the great example you’ve set. :pray:t3:


@codinghorror I’m still torn between edge ultimate and edge infinite. It’s a dope-■■■ yoyo.

@edhaponik Thanks Ed. The feelings are mutual.


A wild Evan has appeared! Before I wasn’t the happiest that you got second because I really wanted you to ensnare it off on a win, but since reading other information you’ve let out, I’m glad you’re happy with second. And that in my book, is as big of a win as we’re going to get


Cough Edge Infinite is better cough cough


If it is infinite, then you can confirm I came up with the name right? My friend doesn’t believe me


you rock Evan, love you man

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Considering you’re retirement, and ultimate meaning ‘final’, my vote is for Ultimate.



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(Complete sentence)

But I feel like the connotation of ultimate is more like “extreme” rather than “final”, especially if it’s in a yoyo name.

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I’m just working under the dictionary definition. But that works too.

Infinite implies it goes on forever, but he’s stopped, so it’s effectively the opposite of what is happening.

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You were probably the first person I saw using “infinite”. Though lots of people came up with it on their own. I guess it fits the theme of “infinity and beyond”.


my feelings on 1a/5a competition…





So uh Hajime’s 3A routine… Did the people in the front feel shockwaves coming out of the air every time he landed something?


Shockwaves went through the entire crowd for both routines. After Hajime’s 4A routine people were stumbling around dumbfounded with their mouth hanging open, strangers were hugging strangers, people were crying, other competitors were standing in their chairs screaming, and the entire crowd gave the longest standing ovation of the entire event! I’m not exaggerating; it was truly a spectacle to remember. Whatever you do don’t miss the next time Hajime competes if you can make it there!


Far out. Get a grip.

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