My experience playing one yoyo for about 6months

As I mentioned in a previous thread I’ve been using a single yoyo for the past several months. What started as an unplanned three week session has continued until today. That thread is linked below:
Continuing the discussion from 3 weeks on one yoyo hard to believe:

I have never played the same yoyo for any real duration of time, other than when I was like five or six. I’ve always just had yoyos strategically positioned throughout my world that I can just pick up and play whenever I like.

There were some discoveries I did make by using the same yoyo daily:

  1. I actually had to carry it with me or remember where I had put it. I didn’t find this terrible but it wasn’t as nice as just playing what ever was close.
  2. I can now actually notice when a bearing is concave. In the past I wouldn’t say that. However, centering bearing or flat still doesn’t really matter to me, I can just feel the difference now.
  3. Even though I was pushing my skills my practice became more relaxed and felt that my progess was a bit quicker. I tend to go much to fast on whips and certain pops, in fact so fast that sometimes I can’t even see what’s happening or pull a new string to hard and break it.
  4. I threw less often durring the day. I would get distracted by other things when I went to get the yoyo.
  5. I looked at the yoyo less when yoyoing and focused more on the strings.
  6. I really enjoyed it, until I didn’t!

It’s time to now play all the other yoyos that have been waiting to spin!
If I competed I would probably pick a single yoyo and use it but that’s not me so it’s time to step back up to the yoyo smorgasbord of life and enjoy all the flavor!


Yes, variety is the spice of life and all that. I have had throws I used a lot, like when I was at work I might use the same one for months ( my work yo-yo), but I didn’t bring it home. Sticking with one yo-yo never appealed to me because I like to do different kinds of tricks, sometimes old responsive tricks and sometimes this new fangled stuff.