New yoyo = new skills

Anyone else feel like your skills sharpen significantly when you buy a new yoyo?

Nope. You may be able to feel like you’re doing something different due to differences in weight and shape, but no new yoyo increases or otherwise makes a difference in any skill.

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Well, I think it is all in our heads, but I did noticed a difference when I first went unresponsive. There were tricks that I couldn’t do on my yomega fireball, but after about 2 weeks of messing with the Dark Magic I could suddenly do more tricks with the fireball. I think that different yoyo’s give us confidence to do tricks with other throws. Now I can do most every trick on my Duncan Dragonfly, even sucides and whips when it is in the mood.

When I get a new yoyo, I tend to get a rush of new ideas and tricks. So yes, I do notice a difference, and I might be getting “better” through progression, but it’s not simply making me more skilled.

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Right now, it seems that my improvement increases every time I get a new yoyo. I’m able to instantly do tricks that I have been trying for weeks. But that’s going from beginner to intermediate to advanced, on a Mosguito, then Zombie, then FHZ, then Metal Drifter, then Raptor. I’m pretty sure that a new throw isn’t going to improve my skills much, if any, longer.

Maybe its just me thinking it. But everytime I get a new yoyo, the better I get. Its almost like, the more I like my new yoyo, the better I get, and the new combos I learn. I dont know why, but I love that it happens. :wink:

I think it does make you better only because it invigorates you to PRACTICE and throw more. The more you throw the better you are going to get. It reignites your passion for yoing.

There is definately something magical about “new yoyo day”. I don’t think a certain yoyo will necessarily improve anyone’s skills directly, but like everyone has said, the excitement and motivation propels you forward on new yoyo day. Something else to consider is that every time you choose a new yoyo, you’re more knowledgable about what you want in a yoyo…so it sometimes seems like skill…when actually it’s improvement in quality you choose.

on a related note…I used to always get knots when I got new yoyos. I eventually realized that It was only because I was learning new tricks and getting more daring.

Yeah. That’s about it. Of course when you get like me and get new throws a little excessively, the effect kind of wears off… :’(

pretty much this…

Yes, it does because NOBODY can throw a double wrist whip with a stock Duncan Butterfly.


Patrick condon nailed Wat I was trying to say. The new feeling brings new inspiration

I wish I had a duncan butterfly so I could make a video. I want to prove this wrong so bad.

I wish i could hit different whip tricks with my butterfly. I can get plastic whip every now and then. Just gotta have extremely loose string tension and a strong throw.

DayGlo string made my Butterfly practically unresponsive. It was pretty pathetic.

I’ll totally agree that new yoyos can bring new fire to the hobby. I found myself yoyoing casually every other day before I got a new yoyo (TFL, thank’s Joey!!), and now I’m right back at it!

Either order one or go to walmart

Just the oposit happens to me. When I get a new yoyos it throws off my timing and I tend to do more basic stuff till I compensate for it. I like to throw one yoyo and that is it really. But recently I have been throwing a fixed axle along with my normal throw and it doesn’t seem to be effecting anything.

Which yoyo is this one you mostly prefer?

Doesn’t make a lot of differnace, really.
But right now I am using a 09’ Severe. Before that a proto MG, before that pyro lite, before that bio malleus, and before that Takeshi reccessed fhz, before that a yoyojam clessiah<—2004, and before that yomega hyperwarp<–late 90’s, and before that team losi cherrybomb, before that a wooden yoyo given to me by tommy smothers, and lastly before that a clear plastic yoyo I stole from my brother. <— took around 1987. :slight_smile:
I played a lot of yoyos in all that time but those are the ones I ended up putting real time into.
I switched up to the severe because I wanted a yoyo will almost no reaction to what would normaly tilt a yoyo. did some research and decided that the severe was what I wanted, then found out the 09’ was really what I wanted. I play almost only 5A.