I'm new at this and can't even gravity pull. Please help!!!

Hi guy’s and girls. I just bought my first yo-yo today (yo-yojam new breed) and I am having trouble learning what may be considered the simple tricks. I learned how to bind after about ten or fifteen minutes of practice but I can only get my yo-yo to return in said manner. Can anyone tell me how to gravity pull please? I’d really appreciate the help and your time. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Oh no. The reason is that the New Breed is not designed for “responsive” tricks in which you yoyo will come up when you pull it. You will need thick lube to make it responsive. Since you know how to bind, you don’t need to do gravity pull. It’s not really a fundamental trick. But I would go buy a cheaper yoyo to learn the tricks. I would suggest a YoYoJam Journey or a YoYoFactory Velocity. Otherwise you can’t do the beginner tricks. And remember, expensive yoyos aren’t always the yoyos for you.

By the way, pleased to meet you I’m Mark and welcome to the forums!

Addition: This time, it isn’t the player, it’s the yoyo. It’s designed for tricks that require the yoyo not to come back up until you bind it. Anyway, once you get into intermediate and Advanced Tricks, you will love that New Breed. But for now, get a beginner yoyo such as a Journey or Velocity. Also, get thick lube so you can possibly get your New Breed to be responsive but the gap is so big it might not be responsive even with the thick lube. Also, I would try double loop the string on the yoyo. To do this, you go to this site. http://yoyowiki.org/wiki/String

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Aah. I was wondering about that! Thank you so much for the help and for the welcome. It never ceases to amaze me how nice the people on these forums can be. I managed to get a few of the intermediate tricks down since my last post (brainteaser and such) but I will get some new yo-yo’s shortly. thank you again for the help Mark, it was very good to meet you on here ::slight_smile:

Just curious, how did you get into yo-yoing? And also, welcome to yoyoexpert.

Sorry I took so long to respond. I’ve always seen people yo-yoing and have been completely amazed by it. When I was a kid I had a couple of “novelty” yo-yos that had a sleeping time of around a nano-second but here in the U.K. yo-yos are quite hard to find, so I never had chance to try a good one. I was looking at random videos on youtube and came across some of the Andre’ Boulay (very sorry if I mispelled that) videos and decided to give it a go. Phoned a shop in Florida, told the guy what I wanted to do, he pointed me in the right direction and I got my yo-yo express shipped from there because I couldn’t wait one more week. Thats pretty much it! Hows about you? What style do you like and such? oh, and Good to meet you! :slight_smile:

It’s actually not too hard to get yoyos in the UK. There’s several online stores there, so you really don’t need to order from the US.

Yes, that’s right.



Both stores have a good selection.

Hey SpykTheNube welcome to yoyoexpert and one question what city did you get the yoyo from because I live in Florida and im not able to find a yoyo store any where so what city in florida did u buy the yoyo from?

I’m guessing it’s the Lofty Pursuits in Tallahassee.

Here’s their link:

First off, welcome to YoYoExpert. The New Breed is unresponsive, meaning it is a yoyo that does not return to hand without a Bind return. http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/030-intermediate-bind-returns.html

Just throw the yoyo down, turn your hand palm down, and tug up. You would need a responsive yoyo to do this trick.

Just to let you know, I think he knows this now and I don’t think he needs the video for binding saying he knows how to do it. lol. Just telling you.

Oops… sorry. ;D

Nah, it happens. Just wanted to let you know.

Hi again. Wow! loads of stuff to reply to here. Erm, to start, Yeh, I knew the new breed was unresponsive, but thought there may have been some way to get the return without the standard bind after watching a couple of tutorials where they had really good sleep times but did no bind to make it return (just thought that I sucked being new and all) so, thought I’d ask the question, which made me seem like I sucked even more lol! The store I got it from was yoyoguy in Tallahassee. They seem like really good guys there and gave me a great deal with plenty of advice. I managed to find a couple of stores in the U.K. after going to them but they were asking alot more money for the same things and, when I contacted them about getting some additional items (angel hair, bearings and such) they were really unhelpful, making me glad I got mine from the states. But, Anywho, Thanks for all the help guys. Its good to see so many people willing to try and point people like me in the right direction. Good to meet all of you. Hope I get the chance to help someone else out on here at some point! ;D

You could put more string layers on there. Folding it over around the bearing.

But you could put rubber o-rings in there instead of silicone o-rings.

Welcome to the forum! As you can see, feel free to ask any question you may have and it will be answered.

Two things though: make sure to read the rules. They’re very helpful. Also, please try to stay away from “which yoyo is better?” posts.

I hope you enjoy your time here. Good luck with your yoyoing!

Was just thinking about buying a couple more yo-yo’s with different response type (one more responsive , one less) and that way I could just swap between them for different tricks. Managed to get quite a few tricks now (braintwister, trapeze and so on) so I’m thinking it may be worth the time and money. Which do you guy’s think are the best for various trick styles?

There is no “best.” It is all preference. I like the Counter-Attack for all.

I’ve never tried it, but I’m speaking for myself in a month. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s really not a single bad yoyo on the market. It’s all about preference. The standard things to think about are, size, weight, appearance, response system, shape, trick style, material, and cost(and any other relevant information you can think of). If you give us as much information on those subjects, we can do our best to lead you in the right direction for you.

Also, you’re going to have a tough time finding a yoyo less responsive than the new breed. You need to break the bearing in (and possibly clean it, since YYJ is known for over lubing there bearing), and well as wear the silicon down a bit. The new breed’s gap is in the top 3 largest gaps, giving it the ability to be one of the least responsive.

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was thinking about going for the Axiom from yo-yojam. The money isn’t too much of a problem ( although for the moment I don’t want to spend more than $150.00). I find that binding the new breed is really easy, needing only one bind to return. I like the weight but wouldn’t mind something a little heavier. For a more responsive yo-yo I would like something slightly smaller in size but I still want it to sleep (was thinking about finding something with concave bearings) for a reasonable amount of time. I’ve heard that using angel hair can help make any yo-yo less responsive and also upgradein the bearings to gold can help. Didn’t realise about breaking it in, thank you for that one, I’ve only been playing for a day so far. As for cleaning the bearings, Is that ssomething i can do myself or should i get a pro to do it?