My 3 Month yoyoing vid!!

I know its kinda rough but I thought I would ask you guys to take a look!
And for some reason the quality came out worse than it should have dang computers. This marks my third month of throwing. Here is a secondary site!

plz put it on vimeo

I would love to see it on vimeo, even though vimeo can take a long time to upload but it is still worth it.

Three months? Wow, making good progress.

by the way, I forgot to say that you are too good to be playing for just 3 months. I think you throw a stronger breakaway than me. and just a point learn the wrist mount dismount itno trapeze thingy, I know it is confusing. I think you know that you need to hit the front string, what you just need to do is to pus on both strings, not only the front one. good job anyway ;D

Thank you very much, Yah the Spirit Bomb to trapeze is something I wanna learn in fact thats probably what I will take a look at today. Thanks for all the feedback.


This is great. I’ve been yoing for about that long and it gave me a chance to compare.

Nice, oh one of you fav tricks that physique genocide or whatev? thats one of Xela’s tuts right?

Yes, but that’s more of a PM question.

True lol :stuck_out_tongue:

3 months :o

i have been throwing for 14 months and u are almost better than me. i need to practice.

but you should try learning some other styles like 2a, 4a, and 5a. 5a is the easiest to get into from 1a, but 4a is also rewarding. 2a is very hard

Your very good for 3 months.

Thanks guys. I have been doing a little 5a nothing I am willing to show yet lol.

Love the song, who’s it by?

Your been making great progess!

Though you might want to learn how to catch the yoyo so you don’t have to turn it around evey throw. Other than smoothness great job!

Thanks! Yes It does get frustrating to have to twist it ever time. tut? And Smoothness is something I have been going over all my tricks again for. Been watching alot of Guy Wright :wink:

When you throw a break away, and after some tricks you decide to bind, put your hand palm up and catch it. Its basically the way you were catching the yoyo, except that you have your palm faced up.

Ok thanks alot! That will save me that little frustration lol.

Yeah, you can get a little more enjoyment out of that Hatrick, like I get out of my 5Star.


General-Yo FTW!