Trapeze brother to 1.5 mount

How is it done? I’ve only been throwing like 5 months so it would be cool to know :slight_smile: thanks guys

Hmm, I’d say you’d have to dismount the yoyo off your throw hand index finger hard enough to get it to swing around, catch it with your middle finger on your throw hand and have it swing up into the string and give it some slack so it can keep the momentum going to carry itself back over your middle finger.

Not sure if I can do this. I have enough trouble with a regular 1.5 mount. Been throwing over 19 months. I’m not all that great.

Yeah I’ve gotten pretty decent at 1.5 mounts. I’ve only been throwing 5 months, I wanna make a video but feel like I would get critiqued for owning so many clyw throws and not being like a pro or something, and I hate to say it but I just like nice throws lol. I’m gonna figure out some type of like 30-45 second combo that doesn’t repeat tricks and film it. Might take me a month but I’m gonna do it, I wanna learn more whips
I can do: Brent stole, plastic whip, and I’m constantly working on jade whip. Having trouble tho.

I’m not sure where I saw someone go from trapezes brother to 1.5 I need to find the video on YouTube again. I think ibanezcollector video on YouTube or something on a tutorial.
I know you say you aren’t good at 1.5 mounts but with 19 months I’m sure you’re pretty darn good.
I’ve landed spirit bomb like 3 times I have kwijibo down 7 out of 10 i wish i could get spirit bomb down like that. Also learning black hops as well.

I spent alot of time learning how to throw and just doing trapeze and then binding before I even learned any tricks which I think helped somewhat. I’m gonna try out what you said tho maybe the transfer can’t be done I’m not sure

It’s an awkward transfer, but it can be done many ways. Just with 5 minutes of playing around I’ve got a couple.

  1. Land a brother mount, then as Studio42 said, pop the yoyo off onto your throwhand middle and up into a 1 1/2. This is the most awkward as the string is mainly on your middle finger, it’s hard to do any tricks from this setup, It may get easier as you practice and play, I just don’t like the feel of it.

  2. Brother mount same as the first, but pop through a brother w/ slack and then drop the whole mount once you’ve caught it. Now pop the yoyo back up kind of like you’re doing a Brent Stole, as the yoyo is bouncing (Needs to be fast and fluid, your knuckles will get hurt if you don’t do it right, prepare yourself whilst learning) move you throwhand index around your yoyo and as it falls back down again you’ll be in a 1 1/2 mount. This is the smoothest I could play with in the 5minutes that I had.

  3. The easiest of them all, Brother Slack and catch the slack with your palm/middle finger. Once the yoyo is on the outside of your throwhand you have two options.

Palm.) place your thumb on the string that is over your palm, so you do this, swing the yoyo over your non-throwhand and land it on the outside of your throwhand. Pop it into a 1 1/2 from there and you’re done!

Middle.) Pinch the string between your index and middle finger, do the same as the palm option, swing the yoyo from the outside non-throwhand and over to the outside of your throwhand.

That’s all on the trick side, on a side note.

Who cares if you get critiqued or flamed for using high prices yoyo’s, use what you like and use them how you like. I’m far from pro and yet I have a couple +$120 yoyo’s.

I just toss it up, while your tossing it up rotate your NTH pointer so thatthe string goes from under it to over it (instead of the way it was in brother mount), then when the yoyo is coming down, plunge your finger into the string, allowing the yoyo to hit the string, and then oull your finger back so it has the roll. Sounds crazy, but try it and you will see that it isn’t as hard as I made it sound

Who cares what you own! If you saw my collection, you’d think “wow, he must be awesome!” Well, let’s not make that bubble for me to burst, because I’m pretty bad! 18 CLYW’s, 14 OD’s, loads of other awesome stuff. No, I’m not good, I just like the nicer stuff! If you can bind and are into it enough, who cares what you use. If you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters.

Another idea, but it may be covered, for how to get to a 1.5 from Trapeze and Bro:
While in the Trapeze and Bro, pop the yoyo UP, remove your index finger and then place it UNDER the string. Depending how good you are, you can catch the string and then roll the yoyo into the 1.5, or in my case, it’s two motions: yoyo string caught and yoyo hanging to the outside, then pushed out to come back in to hit the string from the bottom and then roll into the 1.5 mount.