It's a TRAP (no, really it is)

I’m serious, it is

It’s a TRAP

Using the TRAP yoyo set to trap music.  Too meta.

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YoYo: Kuyo’s YoYo Company TRAP
String: YoYoStringLab Type X

There are no words to describe this…

That bad huh :stuck_out_tongue:

No! It was too awesome to describe!

I was at a bar watching this, and said “ack!”


Awesome vid!

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What. How can you be that good at 3 months.

Thanks guys, I’m just havin fun doin this whole yoyo thing haha

Well for the past month I’ve had no school, all I’ve been doing is throwing, hanging out with friends, and longboarding. I expect my progress to slow down tremendously, semester starts this tuesday, and I have a heavier workload this semester. oh and im a wizard

You inspire me even though we are about 2.5 months apart! your gonna be a boss if you stick with this

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Who are your friends? Zach Gormley and Gentry Stein?

I am not sure whether to…

  1. Disbelieve you. No one can be that good in 3 months.
  2. Admire your remarkable progress in such a short time.
  3. Hate you; for your remarkable progress in such a short time. :wink:


Very nice.

How about you do all three? :wink:

Cool now just saying that’s impossible to be that good in 3 months unless your a really fast learner.

It took me nine months to get that good…

Some people are better than others. No reason to tell him its impossible unless he is a fast learner, he obviously is a fast learner and he is a nice guy. Keep it up buddy hope to see more from you soon! Your going to be a monster in the yoyo world!

it took me years to…wait I’m still not that good.  >:(

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

If it helps, I did throw back in middle school, learned out of books playing responsive/semi responsive (proyo/freehand/FHZ), was a phase that lasted a couple months. That was over eight years ago though, so I’ve just been counting since I’ve gotten into it back in october. Thanks for taking a look at my video!

That is much easier to digest. Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

As I said before: Regardless of how long you have played - very nice video.

No problem, I agree that if I had started completely from scratch that would be too intense. It’s still a little crazy for me to think that 3 months ago I didnt even know how to bind correctly- I was doing that thing where you just wrap a trapeze/braintwister loop around the gap and pull up. Friend showed me how to plastic whip and bind correctly and now I’m an addict. Thanks for watching!

I think some people are overlooking the fact that he’s Asian…

Nice vid. Is the Trap worth, what is it, $40?

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hahah. I think part of it may be that i stopped playing video games, so during that time I throw. And now I can like throw while watching Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, etc etc.

Yeah, I’ll copy paste what I wrote on reddit about it:
“The trap is pretty nice, plays well, a bit heavy on the string, but some may say “solid.” It’s worth the 30 dollars, but it still has that kinda “cheap” feeling, probably due to the fact that there’s no blast/finish on it, it’s just straight up anno’ed. Regens are a tiny bit difficult on it I’ve noticed, I just learned regens like a week ago, but I’ve noticed its far easier to do a cleaner regen on my raptor or essence than the TRAP, probably due to the shape and/or my lack of skill. It plays at a medium(?) pace I would say, I notice that when using something like my avalanche it is much easier to play faster. It’s pretty darn stable though, nice rim weight, but also has that little center ring to balance it out. And the stock response sucks, it’s the same stuff MagicYoYo uses I believe, I just threw some flowable in there and it’s great now. Thats my mini review haha”

Keep in mind I don’t know what I’m doing.

And whoa thats cool it automatically changes some choice words.