Mouth Guard


I’m new to yoyo play.

Is it dumb that I’m thinking of ordering a mouth guard? I don’t mind getting hit but losing a tooth isn’t my idea of fun. ;D I feel like I’ve gotten really lucky an absurd amount of times so far (especially with the sleeping beauty trick) and that it would be a good idea to stop tempting fate.

Also, doo you all use anything else for protection or have any specific ways to avoid it other than always landing the trick? lol


Well Augie Fash has chipped a tooth yoyoing so I can’t be a terrible idea…


Never store a yo-yo with a known or even possible tangle in it; you’ll forget and get hit.
When appropriate, keep your lips over your teeth (always for horizontal tricks).
Never yo-yo carelessly.

That’s all I try to remember. I would be very upset if I chipped a tooth, and so would my wife and my mom.

I won’t discourage you from getting a mouthguard. I can respect that. :slight_smile:


Use a plastic yoyo. Maybe tape it.


You eventually learn the ninja matrix dodge reaction where as soon as you feel a bad snag you get your hand and your face as far away from each other as possible as quickly as possible.

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also alot of people have a habit of “hovering” over their tricks and lean right over top of what they are doing. Avoiding this will help avoid getting hit too.

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Your teeth are a natural mouth guard.

Use them well.


This. “Why’s my string suddenly so short? SMACK!!!”

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I take it you’ve never played a contact sport?


I don’t even wear a mouthguard for hockey, do you think I’m gonna wear one for yoyoing? ;D But seriously, as long as you’re careful, you should be fine.


LOL…That dark magic would take out a tooth with no problem. I’m getting pretty good at the Matrix maneuver, and luckily on the sleeping beauty when it flips back I’ve already got my finger under it so it loops around and only extends to about 3 inches from my face before it runs out of string. I noticed last night that on Sleeping Beauty it only seems to do it when I’ve got the string WAAAY twisted the other direction. I’ve just been doing the ufo to the right then back to the left and sometimes I do it twice on the right side if I don’t nail it. This is tricky business…


Imagine taking a BTH to the face… Ouch.


Exactly what happened to me with my Onestar. :stuck_out_tongue:

I always throw a front style bind that I’m happy with before I throw a breakaway. You’ll get the hang of feeling if the bind was a bit dodgy…


It’s probably hard to get one going fast. I would be scared of a dreadnoughtG or Yoyoskeel Solid.


Little known fact:

Mouth guards don’t only protect your teeth, they prevent concussions. That’s why they’re used in contact sports :wink:


Augie is a fair bit more intense than most of us, though, lol. Ever seen that guys hands? Insanity.

Nathan’s spot on with the Ninja Matrix dodge technique, though. After enough yoyos come flying at your or hit you in the face you will know immediately that something is wrong and you’ll get out of the way. Your heart will still beat twice as fast for a minute or two afterward, though.

Darn near broke my nose with a G&E3 once.


Same. I’m a goalie. if I’m not wearing a mouth guard when I’m taking 90mph to the face, why would I yoyo with one? Mouth guards can be a learning tool, but they’re no substitute for learning the matrix dodge lol


Seriously. I’ve almost given myself whiplash dodging out of the way so quickly. >.<’


Goalies shouldn’t be matrix-dodging the puck :smiley:


Just in case…