Most original yoyo injury


slicing my ear with a beat yomega dash…

Cut off my pinkie using a Noctu barefoot.

Cut off?? Ouch!!

I wouldn’t call an injury “original” You only call something original if it was intended by a person to happen and they had an idea and came up with it. You can go with: unique, random, astonishing, etc.

Nah I’m just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

I got killed 3 times by a yoyofactory popstar :smiley:

I got killed 5 times by a mini flea #IWin

Around the arm eli hops, hits my finny bone… I was down for 5 minutes, and it still hurts when i bang my elbow on something (this happened 2 weeks ago)

Well today while I was doing offstring, I want for an over loose return which was going to do a crossarm regen behind my back, but it snagged and hit me in the mouth after wrapping around my back.

Frontstyle crotch hit :’( :’( :’(

Had just finished a behind the back trick went for behind the back air bind didnt work and it hit me in the forehead

Gotta love those eh?

My Magnum once hit me in the chin so hard I did a complete backflip. While I was dazed, it pushed me out a second story window, but luckily there was a hotdog cart below to break my fall.

My old blink hit me in the corner of my mouth. K-9 tooth went straight through. Couldn’t smile for a week without the scab splitting.

Messed up a nerve or something in my wrist after not checking my string from a bind gone wrong. Couldn’t even brush anything up against that wrist without horrible pain for almost a month. Which meant I couldn’t do any wrist mount tricks :(.

this isn’t original with me but the one time you don’t check your bind and the yoyo comes flying towards your face with vengeance and you wake up 30 minutes later wondering what happened. ;D

This. I can’t remember exactly how I did it… but I remember the ache. Oh I remember it well…

Besides that I’ve had the classic busted knuckles and face-hits, but as of yet nothing that’s actually drawn blood or caused permanent injury thankfully. :slight_smile:

I crossed my right arm over towards the left to do a grind up it. As it was grinding, The yoyo hit my “elbow pit” and shot straight up and gave my nose a nice uppercut. Yeah, it hurt.

Threw an offstring yoyo really high and tried to do an Open-String Bind but got me hand to close and really hurt my TH index. It bruised but didn’t break.