Mordo613 - Slow payer

Please help:
I sold my White Knight Battosai On March 29th. I told the buyer that he didn’t have to send me money until I get him the tracking #, but first send me my 6$ to pay for online shipping (it’s cheaper). I get him his tracking # then he changes his mind and won’t send me the money until he gets the yo-yo. I go and check the shipping process and it says shipped on monday, April 7th. I have sent him 4 messages asking him politely to confirm my money and no answer. His User is Mordo613. If you know how to help please comment. I also had talked to a few other friends and they all agreed that he is a bad buyer. I don’t know why he has so much + feedback but that should be changed.

  • Here is a few people’s feedback on facebook

I was finally paid today (April 12th) A payment that should’ve been paid on March 30th. The only reason he paid me was that I exposed him to his laziness and him slacking. This shouldn’t be accepted; to wait until you expose him then confirm the money.

Dang you got jipped :frowning:

There is a large number of people complaining about Mordo613 on Facebook at the moment. Seems he has been in numerous questionable activities as well as obnoxious in his approach to the bst etiquette.

I gave him a package deal once. worth 100 total. I offered 80.
He says “Wow! thats a great deal! But can you do 30?”
I lost it.
With my Friend Sean. he bough a yoyo, Sean accidentally sold mixed up shipping lables and gave Mordo the wrong one. He wanted to keep the wrong yoyo, get sent the right yoyo and get paid for the mixup. what happened was, Mordo ended up getting pain extra due to that. My friend lost out on 30 bucks. the other person involved paid for shipping the yoyo to Mordo, and Mordo forced Sean to pay him back for shipping as well.
and To BYYS, he sent a paypal for significantly less than hat his order came out to. Jake, the owner called him out. and Mordo claimed he should have to pay shipping or whatever reason. Mordo sent him a dollar after so talking to cover shipping. So, Jake is underpaid, and near free shipping. Jake sent him his money back and refused to sell him BYYS for this insult. Then He proceeds to heckle a player on the team for strings.

Not really the greatest seller either. The only time I really heard from him was when we were heading out a deal for me to buy is Gnarwhal.

And over the course of 2 weeks I sent him numerous messages asking if it had been shipped and I never once got a reply until I threatened bad feedback. And that day it finally arrived.

It came wrapped in paper towel still screwed together in a Freakin ENVELOPE!!!

I mean c’mon!!!

Alls he said was “sorry I didn’t send the box…”

And the. He asked me to not leave him bad feedback.

I left positive feedback just because the yoyo was as it was described.

I’m not the only one I talked to about him being either difficult to deal with or won’t return any messages. When I see his BST I don’t even bother to look, I will NEVER deal with him again

Hmm, i had a smooth deal with him… Wierd…

All his activity on the BST is purchasing throws from people in dire need of cash. He takes advantage of people with lowballs.
He then tries the yoyo, and posts it up on ebay to turn a profit.

I have done 2 deals with mordo, neither being very good. First was me buying a supernova, and I got it later than expected, coming in an envelope. Second deal I traded for a code 2 (Thankfully it came in a box, even if it was the same box that I had sent my yoyos to him in) but it wasn’t in the same condition as it was supposed to be. It was supposed to be mint yet it came with a noticeable mark on the Rim. I had contacted him multiple times asking if he had shipped the code 2 yet, and only got a response after a couple days. A couple more times I have tried to strike deals with him yet he doesn’t seem to respond to all his PM’s.

Mordo is also know to be a lowballers, as said before. I’ve heard people say how they have been offered incredibly low prices on throws they are selling. Not too long ago Mordo offered me $40 for a near mint Summit, which isn’t insanely low, but it is worth quite a bit more

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He once offered me $20 for a mint stacked Catalyst with extras included. Have low balled me multiple times other than that. I no longer use the BST but when I did I hated being offered $30 for two mint metal yoyos.

I as well have had problems with him in the past. I contacted a mod about it and they said they get complaints fairly often for him. Don’t deal with him.

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I have kept my mouth shut about this too long.

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He’s not very good with communication I’m sure you will get paid soon enough.

I’ve had 3 or so trades with him, first two neither of us were happy with and yeah ended on a bad note, he told me the throw he was sending was dead smooth, I played it it had vibe on grinds, so I traded him something and called it dead smooth by what I thought was his definition and he got mad and blah.

He’s not a very good person to deal with but u gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

Nothing you have described here is unethical, nor is it “taking advantage” of anything, as anyone has a right to turn down any offer.

You’re absolutely right. That’s why I kept my mouth shut about it.
Now that there is an ethical reason to ban him, I support it with this type of history.

They’re completely unrelated. Saying he should be banned for trying to get good deals is like saying I should go to jail for theft because I use coupons at the grocery store.

LOL! But in all fairness most of them should be in a mental institution for how crazy they act…

Until such time as someone confirms he has not and will not pay ordinary_jerry, there’s not much reason to ban him. Lowballer, impolite, obnoxious, whatever, just don’t trade w/the guy.

Not that “OOPS” but the fact that he hasn’t paid me and refusing to make contact. I always contact him when he’s online

I think you’re still missing my point.
I am seeing that he isn’t paying someone, and for which he should be banned.
To this, I am adding a sort of ‘good riddance’ since he is a lowballer out for profits on ebay.

He’s paid him now…